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Vircom Now Accepting Pre-Orders On New Modus 4 Email Filtering Solutions

Vircom Now Accepting Pre-Orders On New Modus 4 Email Filtering Solutions

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) August 19, 2004

Vircom Inc., developer of Modus-powered email security solutions, today announced customers can now pre-order Modus 4 to ensure priority delivery of its smart, affordable turnkey solution for enterprises and ISPs.

Vircom's soon-to-be-released Modus 4 raises the bar for accuracy and innovation in anti-spam technology. Among the solution's key new features is Sender Policy Framework (SPF) that tremendously reduces the volume of emails with forged "FROM" addresses, which are largely used by spammers and phishers alike. SPF conserves network administrative and CPU resources by validating a match between a message's domain name and Internet Protocol and automatically rejecting non-matches before they reach an inbox.

"SPF fights the growing threat of email address forgery and makes it easier to identify spam messages, viruses, phishing, fraudulent offerings and other email malware," said Michael Gaudette, Modus product manager. "This added validation is one more way that Modus solutions help corporations to maintain their reputation and avoid harmful security breaches."

"Modus recently received many awards and distinctions, affirming that our technology is widely recognized as the best value on the market," said Sylvain Durocher, president and founder of Vircom. "This new Modus delivery offers improved anti-spam capabilities and additional security features like automatic sender validation, bringing the price/feature ratio to an unprecedented level."

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Vircom's new Modus 4 includes many other enhancements:

Redesigned web console for improved usability

Customizable interface for ultimate personalization of web features

Monitoring module for performance statistics from user- to network-level

Direct Vircom support interface from the administration console

Upgraded Scan Attack features for improved harvesting prevention

To order:

Customers can pre-order Modus 4 by contacting Vircom's sales department at 1-888-4VIRCOM (1-514-845-1666 for calls outside of North America) or via email at

About Vircom:

Montreal-based Vircom is a leading developer of cutting-edge Internet infrastructure and secure messaging solutions for the demanding needs of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporate clients. Vircom's mature Modus™ anti-spam technology incorporates over 10 years of industry expertise, making it a powerful driving force in the defense against spam. Labeled the Best Microsoft Windows-based Anti-Spam solution by Network Computing magazine, Modus has gained important recognition, including a 2004 CATAAlliance Innovation & Leadership Award.

Vircom is also the developer of VOPRadius, a full-featured all-in-one RADIUS server that supports the latest RFCs, vendor specific attributes, NAS templates and has a multitude of preconfigured settings.

Contact Information:

François Bourdeau

Marketing Manager

Phone: 514.845.1666 x256

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