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Vibrational Health Expert Daphne Michaels Announces Book Launch

Vibrational Health Expert Daphne Michaels Announces Book Launch

Tacoma, WA (PRWEB) June 18, 2006

Visionary teacher, author and presenter Daphne Michaels is pleased to announce the publication of her book Light of Our Times, a collection of insightful conversations Michaels had while hosting The Vibrational Health Show, a radio broadcast which aired weekly to an audience of 2 million people in western Washington from 2003 to 2005. This groundbreaking show features inspirational leaders in the fields of health, spirituality, creativity and energy healing including the legendary Ram Dass, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Donna Eden, Julia Cameron and others.

“I geared The Vibrational Health Show to people of all spiritual traditions and walks of life,” Michaels said. “I invited my guests to venture past typical sound bites to share truly meaningful messages about health and spirituality. I was so inspired by our conversations that I wanted to share them with a larger audience.”

Beginning with a brief preface, Michaels invites readers into an enlightening experience as they turn each page of Light of Our Times. With words of clarity and wisdom, she offers a brief introduction to each interview, encouraging readers to embrace the groundbreaking messages from world renowned authors and experts. In addition to the 18 interviews, Michaels concludes with “Resources” and “Reflections,” so readers can continue their individual journeys beyond the 228-page book.

Compiled to appeal to anyone seeking awareness about the cutting edge in health and spirituality covering everything from thoughtful introspection to expanding consciousness, Light of Our Times offers a unique collection of conversations which serve to instruct, guide and inspire spiritual seekers whether they are, in Michaels’ words, “taking their first step or have been on the path of consciousness for years.”

Light of Our Times is being published by the Vibrational Health Press, a division of the Vibrational Health Institute in Tacoma, Washington, founded by Michaels in 2000. At the popular institute where Michaels serves as president, teacher, author and presenter, Michaels shares her body of work, known as the Vibrational Paradigm, with a growing audience of health practitioners and individuals seeking a greater awareness of how to traverse the exhilarating but rocky terrain of expanding consciousness.

For more information, visit the institute’s Web site at or contact Pamm Silver at 253-627-7257. Although the official launch party is scheduled for June 24, 2006, copies of the book are already available for purchase from the Vibrational Health Institute, and select local bookstores. Review copies of Light of Our Times are available upon request.


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