Versa Tables Releases New Computer Desk

Versa Tables Releases New Computer Desk

Redondo Beach, CA (PRWEB) May 22, 2006

Versa Products, Inc., the growing computer furniture manufacturer that revolutionized the classroom computer lab with the introduction of the split-level computer desk last year, recently released a new design that is sure to make heads turn. Or not.

The Enclosed Downview Desk is designed to eliminate exactly that. No more craned necks or twisted backs for computer users. The Enclosed Downview Desk provides a full-sized writing surface (30″ for the single user and 72″ for the multi-user product) with the ability to mount an LCD monitor below the desktop, making it fully visible through a glare-resistant glass window. Once mounted, the monitor can be easily adjusted for height, tilt, and angle with a single touch.

“Our designers came up with the Enclosed Downview Computer Desk because of the feedback we were getting from our customers,” says Christopher Stormer, Director of Marketing for Versa. “It’s perfect for both the classroom and offices because it gives the user a more workable writing surface and reduces the clutter of having a monitor sitting on the desk, taking up space.” One of the goals at Versa Products has been to find alternative, more efficient ways for computer users to maximize space. Their wide selection of computer monitor arms accomplish the same goal. “Our spider monitor arms that mount from above or the side of our Versa Center also increase desktop space by removing the computer monitor from the work surface,” Stormer explains, “But this downview, recessed design is even better. The monitor is gone completely. So while the user can be working at his/her computer, they can easily glance up at what’s happening in front of them without having to strain their neck to see around a monitor.” And he’s right. This Enclosed Downview Desk is perfect for the classroom since there is nothing to obstruct the student’s view of the teacher. It is also ideal for reception areas, and for professional staff who are interrupted often to greet and help clients.

“In terms of computer furniture, this design also provides additional security in protecting confidential information that appears on the screen,” says Chris Laudadio, President of Versa Products. “It makes it much more difficult for someone to simply walk behind you and get access to something they shouldn’t.”

Available in maple woodgrain, gray, or black surface colors, it easily matches existing color schemes, and can be fitted with wheels to provide mobility. Like all of Versa’s office and classroom furniture, it comes completely covered by a lifetime warranty– one of the many reasons Versa has become a leading manufacturer in computer furniture products and accessories.

“It’s clean lines and its ability to truly keep a work environment less cluttered is why this desk is so popular. It’s what our customers said they wanted,” Christopher Stormer explains. “And with our discount pricing and free shipping, people are saying they aren’t finding anything remotely comparable in this price range. And that tells us that all of our research and design efforts are paying off.” And with sales surpassing quarterly predictions in the first month alone, the marketing folks at Versa might just be right.


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