Tennisball Cricket Association (TCA) Conducts eTouch Open 2005 Cricket Tournament

Tennisball Cricket Association (TCA) Conducts eTouch Open 2005 Cricket Tournament

(PRWEB) July 8, 2005

Tennisball Cricket Association (TCA), the largest cricket organization in the United States, announces Bay Area’s most highly anticipated and the biggest cricket tournament of the year, the eTouch Open 2005 Cricket Tournament. This tournament will showcase the best cricketing talent that Bay Area has to offer.

“Cricket is way of life for me,” says Sreenu Doppa, Vice Captain of Panthers Cricket Club. Panthers Cricket Club was crowned champions of the 2004 TCA-eTouch Open Tournament. “Cricket as the sport itself encompasses the attributes of self discipline, tenacity and teamwork. These attributes apply closely to [my] professional life.”

More than 1000 cricketers will showcase their skills and talents in the 72 club tournament. These clubs will be competing for the coveted title of the tournament champion. Ajay Pal Singh, President of TCA expects a highly competitive tournament again this year. “The explosive growth of this game is incredible,” said Ajay Pal Singh. “We hosted the tournament with twelve teams five years ago, and every year since then the number of clubs, participants and spectators have increased dramatically. We had to limit the number of participating clubs to ensure a timely finish.”

The game’s popularity and growth has also been evident in use of the fields across bay area by cricket clubs. According to our conservative estimates there are more than 5000 active cricket players in Bay Area. eTouch Systems of Fremont has graciously agreed to sponsor the tournament for the third year running. eTouch CEO Anirudh Gadre is passionate about the game and enjoys playing cricket whenever he can find time from his busy schedule.

“We give a lot of importance to the outcome of the game ‘win or lose,’ which to my opinion doesn’t make much of difference,” says Ram M.N who plays for Beamers Cricket Club. “To make a difference and help in [members] every day life and beyond cricket is what draws me to the game and TCA [a feeling of belonging and bonding together through a game].”

The tournament format includes two phases – round robin first phase and play-offs. Clubs will be grouped in eighteen groups with four clubs in each group. Top two clubs from each group will advance to the play-off round. Mailers to cities in Bay Area have been sent seeking to host cricket games, other than the official venues which are spread across the Bay Area geography.

To know more about the tournament, please contact Viresh Amin at 408-623-2583 or email Viresh at Additional contact is Giriraj Vengurlekar at (408) 296-7976 or

What is Tennisball Cricket?

Tennisball cricket is a very fast paced and exciting game and similar to traditional cricket (including baseball) in all respects with few exceptions. The game is played with a heavy tennis ball instead of the hard cricket ball (leather ball). The objective of the game is similar to that of cricket – score more runs than your opponent and get your opponents out quickly. The game is of limited duration – 20 overs with each over consisting of six balls (pitches). Unlike baseball batter is called batsman and pitcher is called a bowler.

Each team consists of 11 players. Two of these individuals from each team are nominated captain and vice-captain respectively. Runs are made by running between wickets (three round sticks set at each end of the pitch) on the pitch (a 64’ flat surface). Unlike baseball there are no double or triple plays. The fielding team can get the batsman out by catching, bowling (pitching) so that ball hits the wickets or run-outs (throwing and knocking out the wickets when batsman is attempting to take a run).

According to Leigh Weimers of San Jose Mercury News Tennisball Cricket is easier for newbie’s to learn.

Tennisball Cricket offers many of the same pleasures as traditional cricket: fresh air, the camaraderie of friends, and the challenge and excitement of harnessing personal skill and passion to play cricket in exciting and fast paced environment. And perhaps best of all, Tennisball Cricket is inexpensive. You need minimum equipment to play Tennisball Cricket and it can be played practically on any surface and there is no fee to watch a refreshing new game in your neighborhood field.

Tennisball Cricket Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and the largest Cricket Organization in the USA. For more information on Tennisball Cricket Association or this article, please visit the TCA web site at or send e-mail to

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