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TechCart 3.0 Now Available

TechCart 3.0 Now Available

May 09, 2003 (PRWEB) May 9, 2003

TNL Total Solutions has announced the release of TechCart 3.0, the next generation of E-Commerce Software.

E-Commerce with Enterprise Power.

You've seen them, and you’ve probably wondered how your product would do if it could be sold directly through the internet. Now is your chance to find out. TNL TechCart makes an on-line web store an easy reality. One of the most powerful on-line stores ever created, yet simplistic enough for even the novice to set-up and maintain.

TNL TechCart allows you to setup your tax rate, a variety of shipping rates and multiple payment methods including; check, money order, credit cards, fax in, mail in, COD, or third party for those who use 3rd party live payment processing such as AuthorizeNet. You choose what type of payments you will accept.

No Design Limitations:

With TNL TechCart, control of your on-line storefront is yours. There are no design limitations, no inventory limitations. You design the pages of your on-line catalog with your favorite HTML editor TechCart will provide your online commerce efforts with enterprise level power and flexibility. Whether your company is small or large TechCart is the solution.

Customer Care:

Don't leave your customers in the Dark! TechCart makes it easy to keep your customers apprised of their orders through it's sophisticated order status and customer care features.

On the customer side, TechCart is user-friendly, easy to navigate and a snap to buy and complete a purchase.

Payment Gateways:

TechCart's modular architecture allows you to integrate with virtually any payment system such as SkipJack, PayPal, AuthorizeNet and more. If you don't see a payment module for your payment gateway? Ask us, We'll write one for you!.


TechCart's Powerful order system allows you to integrate directly with fulfillment houses such as Turnaround/Eclipse, or you can integrate directly with your own in-house fulfillment software such as Dydacomp's Mail Order Manager. Don't see the integration your looking for? Ask us we'll create it!


The true power of TechCart is the amazing amount of flexibility. No more dealing with shopping carts that don't have the "look and feel" of your site. Every page of TechCart is 100% customizable with any HTML editor. You can also quickly and easily change your checkout process, collect additional information with any order, upsell other products and much much more.

TechCart's internal scripting language, an XML based language, allows advanced administrators the ability to perform conditional statements, file includes, regular expressions and other functions popular with most programming platforms.

Proven Technology:

Utilizing existing and proven technologies, TechCart has been evolving since 1996. There aren't too many other E-Commerce packages out there that can say that. For the past 6 years we have been adding the functionality that merchants want and need to stay competitive in the fast paced, ever changing world of E-Commerce.


TechCart has been evolving since 1996, in this time a TechCart has never had a security breach. The current version of TechCart has a built in security and diagnostics system that analyzes your configuration for possible security issues and alerts you before a security breach occurs. No other shopping cart system does this. TechCart also uses the Netscape SSL protocol. For more information on this please go to for Netscape's complete explanation.

Business to Business E-Commerce

TechCart has a multitude of optional business to business (B2B) E-Commerce options, including order history and status, quick ordering, profile management and special reporting options.

Special Needs:

Every E-Commerce site has unique needs, most E-Commerce vendors out there don't realize the importance of individuality when it comes to an online presence. For an online store to succeed, it needs to stand out.

We realize this and have created TechCart with the flexibility and feature set to accommodate this need for individuality. Even if you need something that TechCart may not be capable of handling by itself, chances are there is already an Add-On module written for you. If not, just ask we'll write one for you!


-Quantity Discounts can be configured product by product

-100% Customizable HTML Templates

-Unlimited Product Attributes/Options

-Customizable Customer Confirmations

-Merchant Notifications

-Multiple Tax Rates (By State)

-Unlimited Shipping Options

-Unlimted Payment Options

-Optionally configure shipping on a product by -product basis

-Taxable and Non-Taxable Mix of Items

-Order Export Utilities for use in other software

-Multiple Currency Support

-Multi-Store/Mall Operation

-Add your own questions to the order form.

-Order Status and Customer Service Features

-User defined product attributes/options

-Programmable System Events.

-Ad & Affiliate Sales Tracking

-Live Inventory Tracking

-Business To Business Features (B2B)

-Flat Rate Shipping Option

-% Of Total Shipping Option

-Per Item Shipping Charge Option

-Rate Chart Based On Total Shipping Option

-Weight Chart Shipping Option

-Supports Multiple Discount Types/Rates.

-Supports Coupon codes and promotion codes.

-Optionally Offer Free Shipping If Order Is Over X Amount.

-Credit Card (Non-Realtime) Payment Types

-Supports CVV2 and CV2 Card Security Codes.

-Cash On Delivery Payment Types Supported

-Mail-In/Fax-in Payment Types Supported

-Account Order/Purchase Order Payment Types Supported.

-AuthorizeNet Payment Types

-PayPal Payment Option

-SkipJack Payment Option

-Retains Customer Profiles

-Mail Merge Export Features

-Internal Scripting Language For Complete -Customimization

-Easy Web Based Order Retrevial

-Add-On Module Support

-Actions & Observations

-Customer History

-Multi-Store/Mall Operation Capable (separate logins & stats.)

-Web Based HTML Template Editor

-Store Building Tools

-Easy and Secure Web Based Administration

-Generate a Variety of Sales Reports

-Generate Custom Inventory Reports

-Self Security & Diagnostics

-Browser Reporting to find out what types of browsers are visiting your site.

-Hostname & IP Logging

-Database Driven Catalog

-MySQL Database Technology

-Product Import products via ASCII Delimited, .SQL Files

-Order Export Features

And Many More...



In order to best meet the needs of TechCart users; TechCart is available in 3 different versions.

TechCart Standard Edition offers all the core features without the Enhanced MySQL database product catalog.

TechCart Enterprise edition is the most powerful and flexibile edition of TechCart available offering several advanced features and configuration options.

TechCart remotely hosted is a mix between the enterprise edition features and the standard edition, it is hosted on our servers and can be leased for a small monthly charge.

All Editions of TechCart are available for demo and purchase at

About TNL Total Solutions


TNL Total Solutions (formerly TNL Systems) is a privately owned internet solutions provider with a wide range of products and services from custom

web application development, windows application development, web hosting solutions and general web development. TNL Total Solutions is the developer

of Perl Scripting Tool the popular Perl language development environment for the Windows platform and the top notch e-commerce suite, TechCart.

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