Tattoons Adds Backgrounds

Tattoons Adds Backgrounds

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (Vocus) October 7, 2009

Tattoodle, the popular Facebook app, today announced that its Tattoons product will allow users to place their cartoons against a wide variety of backgrounds. Want to show your Tattoon holding a glass of wine on the beach, hunting in the forest, or grasping skis in the mountains? Prefer your Tattoon on the big stage or set in front of ancient Roman ruins? It’s now all possible. Selected backgrounds include a fiery volcano, a concert stage, outer space, and much more.. In all, 42 backgrounds were launched as part of the initial release of the background functionality.

“Users love Tattoons, but also wanted to show them in context,” said Mike Goldberg, head of product development for Tattoodle. “Now, a user can default to the standard white background or choose from a wide variety of fun and elaborate backgrounds. And, of course, it’s easy to change the background if you want.”

With Tattoons, users can choose among a wide range of facial shapes, hair styles and colors, eye shapes and colors, noses, eyeglasses, and (for men) facial hair, including beards, mustaches, goatees, and even sideburns. In addition, users can accessorize their Tattoons with a wide selection of shoes, hats, other fun items, and now backgrounds. And, of course, all of these various elements can be reflected in a broad spectrum of colors, as selected by the users. The number of permutations and combinations among Tattoon elements is seemingly endless!

Tattoons is the latest product line extension for Tattoodle, which boasts the Internet’s largest collection of free virtual tattoos for use on social networking sites. Users can share these graphics or post them to their Profile. They can also create tattoo displays, which are user-customized collages of the company’s graphics. Each graphic is an individual work of art, created by world-class illustrators and colorists. Some are tranquil, while others appeal to a more edgy personality. Each displays a vibrancy of color that makes it worthy of being a Tattoodle graphic. The majority of these tattoos are available in “glitter” and “sequin” format, in addition to “plain”, further enhancing the diversity of these assets.

Tattoons leverages the app infrastructure that was developed for the core Tattoodle graphical products and shares the same commitment to excellence in graphical design and user selection.

About Make The Web Better

Make The Web Better is a leading developer of free and easy-to-use applications that leverage the connectivity of social networking sites. The company’s primary product is MyWebTattoo, which has related apps branded Tattoodle on Facebook and MySpace. These products feature over 10,000 high quality graphics and are enjoyed by users worldwide. Tattoodle on Facebook also features Tattoons, a section of the app that allows users to create caricatures of themselves. Users who download MyWebTattoo or Tattoons also receive the Fast Browser Search toolbar. Fast Browser Search features algorithmic results and sponsored listings from the world’s most popular search brands: Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


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