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Start Blogging Today with Strategic Board on Strategies and Intelligence in the Hi-Tech Industry

Start Blogging Today with Strategic Board on Strategies and Intelligence in the Hi-Tech Industry

Tel Aviv, Israel (PRWEB) March 31, 2005

Strategic Board (, an Israeli technology startup, announces today a unique blog content partnership program. Strategic Board welcomes individuals and businesses operating in the hi-tech industry to start blogging today and to reach the decision-makers of the hi-tech industry.

Strategic Board's blog covers the subjects of strategies and intelligence in the hi-tech industry as well as news coverage on strategic moves in the markets. As part of the content partnership program (, partners get promotional tools for emphasizing their unique contribution to the blog and to increase their recognition in the high echelons of the technology industry. "We would like to see all kind of people joining our blog, especially people with expertise in specific industry domains such as: CRM, non-US IT markets (Israel, India, Ireland..), hosted applications, venture capital and entrepreneurship." said Dudu Mimran, Strategic Board's CEO and blog moderator.

Strategic Board's blog discussions surround three inter-related subjects: corporate strategies, corporate intelligence and the hi-tech industry. The corporate strategies subject encompasses competitive strategies, operational strategies, strategic decisions, strategic contexts and theories. The corporate intelligence subject covers intelligence tools, new sources of information, industry best practices and market influences; internal business intelligence and external competitive intelligence. The hi-tech industry subject encompasses news and opinions on leading industry players, new entrants, competitive moves, innovation, industry drivers, and related strategies.

The partnership program details are available on

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About: Strategic Board is a startup company committed to developing innovative software solutions for enterprises operating in hyper competitive environments. In today's ever-changing market conditions businesses must respond effectively to opportunities and threats.



Partnership Program:

PR Contact: Dudu Mimran,


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