SoundOfMotion Releases Fork Mounted 1-degree Precision Bluetooth Bicycle Sensor

SoundOfMotion Releases Fork Mounted 1-degree Precision Bluetooth Bicycle Sensor

Vancouver, Canada (PRWEB) November 13, 2009

SoundOfMotion is releasing version 3.5 of it’s high precision VeloComputer bluetooth bicycle sensor. This new version achieves 1-degree precision during wheel rotation and can be conveniently mounted either on a bicycle fork or a quick release like the previous versions. This improvement came as a result of cycling trials run in the summer and early fall of 2009. Through enhanced firmware the same sensor can now be attached to a bicycle fork yet still deliver high precision speed and acceleration measurement with less than a second delay.

This unique sensing technology is 360 times more accurate than traditional cycling computers, which count a full 360 degrees of wheel rotation to determine the cyclist’s speed. The VeloComputer sensor detects a magnetic field from the magnet attached to the wheel and determines the angle of wheel rotation with 1-degree of accuracy.

Traditional bicycle computers calculate speed with as much as 7 seconds delay, compared to a one second delay with the VeloComputer. This low latency allows VeloComputer to accurately determine a spot speed and acceleration, which is used to calculate torque and power.

The VeloComputer sensor can now be conveniently mounted on the front fork of a bicycle and uses a miniature magnet on a spoke as a measurement reference for a magnetic field. Using tiny, lightweight magnets eliminates the wheel wobbling effect experienced with traditional sensors at higher speeds.

The VeloComputer sensor 3.5 is compatible with VeloComputer 6 and VeloComputer 6L (Light) mobile applications, available for download at The VeloComputer application works on BlackBerry, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones.

The new sensor 3.5 is available as part of a Software Development Kit – SDK. The mass production of this device is planned for Q1 2010 and will be coordinated with the release of a low energy profile by Bluetooth SIG. This bluetooth low energy profile will allow the sensor to operate on a single coin size battery for months, eliminating the need for recharging.

About the company: SoundOfMotion is unique in its focus on developing and licensing innovative technologies for mobile devices and sports applications. SoundOfMotion is a winner of the Orange Design and Innovation contest and a nominee for the Sony-Ericsson content awards 2009. SoundOfMotion was featured in JavaOne 2009, CTIA Wireless, ‘Mobile Rules!’ by Nokia, ‘Top 10 Bike Gadgets’ by PC Magazine, Pro-cycling magazine, and other media.



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