SoundOfMotion Releases 1-Degree Precision Bicycle Sensor for Road Cycling Trials

SoundOfMotion Releases 1-Degree Precision Bicycle Sensor for Road Cycling Trials

Vancouver, Canada (PRWEB) July 9, 2009

SoundOfMotion releases a 1 degree precision VeloComputer bluetooth sensor for road cycling tour trials in UK, France, US and Canada.

This unique sensing technology, originally designed for an electronic compass, is at least 360 times more accurate than traditional cycling computers, which count a full 360 degree wheel rotation to determine cyclist’s speed. The traditional sensing technology calculates speed with up to 7 seconds delay, comparing with just 1 second delay in VeloComputer.

The VeloComputer sensor mounts on a quick release of a bicycle wheel and uses the same magnet as traditional cycling computers. However, the motion measurement technique is completely different. The VeloComputer sensors detects the position of the magnet relative to the sensor’s center axis and determines the angle of a wheel rotation within one degree of accuracy. This technology allows accurately measure a spot speed and acceleration and will be used to measure torque and power in future releases of VeloComputer application for mobile devices.

The VeloComputer sensor is compatible with VeloComputer 6 mobile application, available for download on for $ 14.95. VeloComputer 6 works on Blackberry Storm, Sony Ericsson JP8 mobile phones, LG Renoir and Nokia N97 with a cadence feature from a built-in accelerometer.

VeloComputer bluetooth sensor is available to selected professional cyclists and cycling enthusiasts who wants to train and race knowing their precise spot speed, distance and acceleration. To apply for a trial please submit your cycling resume via Contact Us page at with a subject “sensor trial”.

The new sensor is also available as part of a Software Development Kit – SDK. The mass production is planned for later this year and will be coordinated with the release of a low-energy profile by Bluetooth SIG. The bluetooth low-energy profile will allow the sensor to operate for months on a single coin size battery, eliminating the need for recharging.

About the company: SoundOfMotion is a unique in its focus on developing and licensing innovative technologies for mobile devices and sports applications. SoundOfMotion is a winner of the Orange Design and Innovation contest and a nominee for the Sony-Ericsson content awards 2009. SoundOfMotion was featured in a Technology Innovation competition, ‘Mobile Rules!’ by Nokia, ‘Top 10 Bike Gadgets’ by PC Magazine, Pro-cycling magazine, JavaOne 2009 and other media.



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