Software to Use Multiple PCs as if They Were One

Software to Use Multiple PCs as if They Were One

Trier, Germany (PRWEB) December 8, 2006

Bartels Media released version 3 of the multi monitor software MaxiVista. The new version makes data exchange between multiple computers as easy as 1-2-3. MaxiVista utilizes the standard Windows clipboard as a hub to share data among all network connected computers. Any text, bitmaps or files copied to the clipboard on one computer can optionally be transmitted to all other computers for further access.

The ‘Swiss army knife’ for users of multiple computers

The main feature allows using the monitor of a laptop as an extra monitor for the Primary PC. Program windows can be seamlessly moved across the monitors. The enlarged desktop area avoids overlapping windows and makes accessing multiple programs easier.

The inventor Gunnar Bartels remembers the birth of the patented software: “In our office, we always regret that the high-quality displays of out-of-date laptops remain unused in the shelf. MaxiVista now brings new life to the old computers as an extra monitor for our workstations”.

MaxiVista performs a clever trick as computers generally lack video inputs which would be required to allow a PC to be used as a display. Instead using a video cable, MaxiVista utilizes any standard Wireless LAN or Ethernet network connection to transmit the screen contents to the laptop.

No more messing with multiple input devices

Additionally, MaxiVista allows operating up to four computers to a single mouse and keyboard. Instead of switching between computers by classic keyboard switch boxes, you seamlessly move the mouse to the computer you wish to control. All input is transmitted via the existing network connection. There are no extra cables or hardware required.

“The new clipboard sharing in v3 now perfectly complements the virtual mouse/keyboard switch. You can use two computers as if they were one,” said Bartels.

MaxiVista v3 provides ultra-high screen resolutions up to 4,800 x 2,400 pixels and optimizes network parameters such as the packet size, boosting the display performance by up to 50%. Windows Vista and Windows 2003/XP for 64 Bit CPUs are now also supported.

MaxiVista runs under Windows 2000/2003/XP and Vista (in classic display mode). A free demo can be downloaded from The full version is starting from US$ 29.95.


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