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snap2eyes To Launch Its Rich Media Ad Factory Platform And First Customizable Rich Media Ad Templates

snap2eyes To Launch Its Rich Media Ad Factory Platform And First Customizable Rich Media Ad Templates

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 23, 2006

Online advertising company snap2eyes LLC ( announces its plans to launch its online Rich Media Ad Factory™ Platform and its first customizable rich media ad template by the end of this month.

The Rich Media Ad Factory (or RMAF™) Platform is a proprietary technology that enables advertisers and creative agencies to transform their images or static banner ads into tailor-made, eye-catching, and sound-enabled rich media ads, at a low cost attractive to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Advertising agencies and businesses of every size can significantly enhance online campaigns without investing the time and money required to produce the variety of visually sophisticated effects provided by the Rich Media Ad Factory Platform and the snap2eyes inventory of customizable rich media ad templates. True to the spirit of the RMAF tagline (“Rich Media, A Customized Click Away”™), the RMAF Platform makes it cheaper and easier than ever to produce high-quality rich media ads in the Macromedia® Flash® File Format (SWF).

The Rich Media Ad Factory Platform is based on Microsoft® .NET Framework, Macromedia® Flash® Platform, and snap2eyes proprietary technologies, but requires no knowledge of any rich media authoring tools or Flash technology, and no programming abilities or pre-installed software components. Thus, the user-friendly RMAF Platform enables advertising professionals to focus their efforts on creative branding, rather than on complex coding, while still producing SWF products that are fully compatible with Macromedia Flash Player 6® or higher.

The RMAF user interface includes an intuitive Rich Internet Application (RIA) that facilitates the ad customization process with integrated help tips and a WYSIWYG preview that reflects the user’s ad customization choices in real-time. Such features further empower small businesses with no advertising or technical expertise to create affordable and made to order rich media ads out of animated templates.

snap2eyes designed its Rich Media Ad Factory Platform as a robust, scalable, and versatile tool whose stock of skinnable rich media ad templates can be easily expanded, making it a valuable resource for the Internet marketing community. The high-level code and graphic resource editing underlying the rich media ad templates enable advertisers to benefit from striking visual effects such as animation, coordinated color variation, and soft transitioning between different image and text screens. Online advertisements that exhibit such advanced visual qualities normally require far more intensive programming than most rich media ads, but snap2eyes offers them at aggressively low prices targeted towards small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

“When designing RMAF templates, snap2eyes takes into account CPU consumption, memory utilization, end-product file size, tracking capabilities, as well as other technical deployment requirements of web publishers and ad-serving networks,” explained snap2eyes CTO Michael Zino. “Such considerations ensure that the RMAF templates are as effective and widely usable as possible,” he noted.

How do customers utilize the RMAF Platform to create a tailored rich media ad? The user logs in to the RMAF Platform from the snap2eyes website and chooses from a selection of online ad templates that offer different themes, aesthetic designs, and interactive properties. The user specifies various settings that determine the appearance of the customized rich media ad, such as ad unit size and colors, and the speed and sequence of any animation or other presentation. Other template options set the interactivity of the rich media ad, by, for example, defining the mechanism that activates or changes the appearance or behavior of the rich media ad (such as a mouse action versus a time out). The user also selects any desired add-on features such as mouse-activated ad size expansion and WAV, MP3, or other audio resource embedding. The user then uploads to the RMAF Platform a GIF or JPEG of each image to be used in the customized online ad. Throughout the ad-building process, the RMAF Platform serves a preview of the rich media ad in its final SWF format, enabling the user to check and adjust every aspect of the appearance and functionality of the pending rich media ad in a simulation of the ad’s deployment environment. Once the user has approved the advertisement, the RMAF generates the final, custom designed rich media ad and sends it as an email attachment to the user, along with a deployment guide.

To promote the RMAF Platform and encourage advertisers to test it out, snap2eyes will offer one of its customizable rich media ad templates free of charge.

About snap2eyes LLC:

Founded in June 2005, snap2eyes LLC is headquartered in New York City and develops proprietary, rich media technologies that lower costs for online advertisers and increase revenues for web publishers and ad networks. The company offers affordable Internet marketing solutions that optimize the process and results of online advertising.

The technologies and business methods underlying the RMAF are patent pending. snap2eyes, Rich Media Ad Factory, and RMAF are trademarks of snap2eyes LLC. All other companies or products listed herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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