Second Fundamental Nanotechnology Patent for Selective, High Throughput Separations of Metals from Solutions Licensed to Chela Tech, Inc.

Second Fundamental Nanotechnology Patent for Selective, High Throughput Separations of Metals from Solutions Licensed to Chela Tech, Inc.

Alameda, CA (PRWEB) April 5, 2006

Chela Tech, Inc. announced that it has licensed all rights for separating metals from solutions using United States Patent Number 6,946,070 for Composite Matrices with Interstitial Polymer Networks. This invention relates in general to the preparation and use of matrices having solid spaces, interstitial spaces and interstitial polymer networks. In particular, the interstitial polymer networks have utility in chemical and biochemical separations, solid phase synthesis, catalysis of chemical reactions, and immobilized enzyme reactors.

This invention enables Chela Tech, Inc. to commercialize nano-fishing nets for metals that enable very high flow rates, selective capture, and very fast recovery. Metals displacement chromatography (MDC) columns have been field tested for gold, copper, and gallium recovery.

The first product is an automated gold recovery skid delivered in 2006 to selected test sites to show high flow rate, fast loading and stripping, high selectivity, and long life for recovery & concentration of cyanide-gold-cyanide complex from pregnant solutions.

According to Dr. Richard Hammen, CTO: “Our MDC columns has been successfully tested to capture Ag; Al; As; Au; CrO4=; Cu; Ga; Hg; Mn; Ni; Pb; Pt; UO2=; and Zn to non-detectible levels for discard solutions, or to desired economic cut-off levels. And we can develop metals recovery for other metals in a one to three month time framework. MDC is unique because costs per unit metal recovered are essentially the same at any dilution factor.”

Bo Varga, VP Marketing explains: “Our revenue focus in 2006 is on gold recovery. We want to rapidly build a business of major value to the global mining industry. We expect to license our technology for environmental and other applications.”

About Chela Tech, Inc.

Chela Tech, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based company founded to deliver much faster and lower cost recovery of precious, commodity, and specialty metals from ores by commercializing patented nano spiderweb ion-exchange products based on “clean, energy-saving technology”.

ChelaTech’s management team includes Dr. Rich Hammen, Ph.D. CTO, prior with Vestar Research, Inc., SRI, and JPL; Bo Varga, VP Marketing, prior with the NanoSIG and consultant nanotechnology start-up companies; and Ken Epstein, VP Business Development, a principal with and prior a senior venture manager at Dow Chemical Company. Professional advisors include IP attorney Richard Trecartin of and corporate attorney Mitch Zuklie of

Company contact:

Bo Varga

Vice-President, Marketing

Cell: 415-260-6480

Office: 650-747-9238

Media contact:

Sandra Kay Helsel, Ph.D.

SK Helsel & Associates

Tel: 520-325-4636


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