Recent Dorrance Publishing Releases Include Book of Four Short Plays, Plus Tales of Revenge and Betrayal

Recent Dorrance Publishing Releases Include Book of Four Short Plays, Plus Tales of Revenge and Betrayal

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) May 20, 2009

Recent Dorrance Publishing Releases Include Book of Four Short Plays, Plus Tales of Revenge and Betrayal

Dorrance Publishing recently released the following titles: The Binding of Ytzhak; Operation Pentacount; and The Second Chapter. They are available for purchase at, brick and mortar bookstores, on-line bookstores or by calling (800) 788-7654. Media review copies are available by visiting or by calling (800) 788-7654.

The Binding of Ytzhak

($ 9.00) ISBN: 978-0-8059-7827-8, paperback

These four extraordinary prose plays examine the human condition in all its pain, confusion, and – sometimes – unexpected humor.

“Angel” shows us modern warfare through the eyes of a child on the Eastern Front during World War II, a child just old enough to be useful to both sides.

“Daughter of Jephthah” tells the biblical story of the hero-outcast who made a rash promise to God – and then had to keep it.

“Requiem” is a modern tale of a man told he has just two or three months to live. This story steps into some rather uncharted territory and takes a good look around….

The title piece, “The Binding of Ytzhak,” gives us the views and comments of the participants in that story from Genesis: the Decreer, God Almighty, who has His own problems; the Fire; the Ram; Ytzhak’s mother, Sarah; and Ytzhak himself, who has come to a decision about sacrifice: Never again!

About the Author

David Ram calls himself “a self-made man.” Born in Bucharest, Rumania, in 1925, he is now a citizen and resident of Israel. He describes himself: “I am an old man young at heart, thanks to my great, eternal love for theater and other arts. It’s not an escape, it is an inciting refuge for creation I heartily recommend.” Thus his special interests are in acting, drawing, painting, sculpture, and reading–“I’m a bookworm,” he admits.

David Ram has published several other books–two of them repose in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. The Binding of Ytzhak is his first book in the English language. It offers, David says, “four short plays for a pocket-theater: three dramas and one farce; some challenge for actors and directors, some pleasure for all readers.”

Operation Pentacount

($ 10.00) ISBN: 978-0-8059-7715-8, paperback

Santana Ali, Damon Bliss, Lee Clipper, Derek Perry, and Hay Des Man are five men who grew up in different parts of the world, went to different schools, and come from varied political and economic backgrounds. But they all share a dark and sinister part of their past they have struggled to hide their entire lives.

For years these men harbored the pain and neglect that resulted from various instances of sexual abuse during their childhood. Now, brought together by the internet and their combined frustration over the effects their abuse has had on their lives, the five men combine forces to avenge their suffering. But they soon learn revenge carries a price of its own — one they may not be too willing to pay.

About the Author

Nana Mumford is a member of the National Association of Probation Officers, the South Chingford Methodist Church, and the Chingford Estate Youth Club. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, reading, youth mentoring, and playing basketball and tennis.

The Second Chapter

($ 20.00) ISBN: 978-1-4349-0077-7, paperback

Jackson Taylor, the son of a former president of the United States, has been primed throughout his life to make a bid for this highest office in the land. As his father was assassinated while serving in this capacity, many of his associates are concerned for his safety.

During his childhood, he is sent to spend his summers on a farm in Upstate New York where his future wife, Hannah Bennett, also spends her holidays. When the pair become of age and find that they care for one another, they eventually marry.

The couple must face various incidents that strain their relationship to the extreme, not the least of which are threats to Jackson’s life and betrayal by those closest to him. Jack and Hannah discover that they must attempt to conquer these demons and make a great effort to fight their way through these unsettling events if they are to accomplish their lofty goals.

About the Author

Reenie Mayes, though a native of Canada, has lived in Boulder City, Nevada since childhood. Her husband and she greatly enjoy their family of four children and five grandchildren. She has practiced as a registered nurse for many years, and her other interests include writing, travel, and sporting events.

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