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Operating Rooms Now Using the Big Ass Suction System

Operating Rooms Now Using the Big Ass Suction System

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) May 26, 2011

If you ask any Operating Room professional who is the messiest surgeon on staff, they all will instantly name the doctor. Fluid waste on an OR floor during “wet” procedures like shoulder arthroscopies, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repairs where the irrigation fluid can spurt out of a knee joint like a water fountain, or even labor and delivery, where amniotic fluid and blood spill onto the floor, is an accident waiting to happen. Especially when cables and cords are sitting in contaminated fluid. BASS Medical, Inc., a Birmingham, AL based company has a solution for the fluid on the floor problem in surgery.

The BASS, which stands for the “Big Ass Suction System” is a 62 by 44 inch mat made from closed cell foam that collects, contains and eliminates contaminated fluid that would otherwise be on the floor of the surgical suite. The BASS is large enough for the surgeon, scrub nurse and tech to stand on it all at once. Its tray-like construction connects to the OR’s standard wall suction through tubing inserted between a poly-fiber anti-splash material top and anti-skid foam bottom. The BASS is made in the USA of environmentally friendly materials.

Inventor and president, Julie Ryan said, “The BASS helps protect surgery staff by helping to prevent slips and falls by keeping the OR floor dry. It helps with a hospital’s infection control program by lessening the amount of contaminated fluid tracked throughout the surgery area and the rest of the hospital, and the BASS helps the housekeeping staff turn-around the OR suite in less time, thus enabling more surgeries to be scheduled and more revenue to be generated.”

When asked how the BASS got its name, Ryan said, “One day I took a prototype into an ACL surgery at a hospital in Nashville. As massive amounts of contaminated irrigation fluid fell onto the BASS, the floor stayed dry and a “Bubba” of an ortho tech said ‘Lady, this is one Big Ass Suction System, you need to call this thing the BASS', so I did.”

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