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Octanepowered, Inc. Announces First $0 J2EE-Based Enterprise Application Suite

Octanepowered, Inc. Announces First $ 0 J2EE-Based Enterprise Application Suite

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) June 7, 2003 -

commerce—free application servers. Companies like Oracle and BEA charge $ 5,000 to $ 20,000 per cpu just for the privilege of paying a platform-certified developer to build their enterprise and/or e-commerce solution on top of it. Octanepowered, Inc. believes companies should only pay for the development and maintenance of their enterprise and e-commerce solutions, not the server.

In addition, third party add-ons for basic operations like workflow and reporting run up the cost of a typical enterprise or e-commerce suite to $ 15,000 to $ 80,000 not including development. The Octanepowered J2EE based Enterprise Application Server Suite includes all server side components as well as a high performance development framework, workflow, and reporting software.

Octanepowered, Inc. President and Founder, Francis Booth, has developed on every major platform while working for industry leading software development companies. However, he formed Octanepowered in 2001 out of a sense of frustration over the bloated charges of software development companies. “I just can’t see charging for the platform on which you are going to build a client’s business solutions,” said Booth.

Booth also notes that most companies work their employees for too many hours at critical phases during the development process. This leads to stress, fatigue, and burnout, which decrease efficiency and lead to mistakes. As a result, Octanepowered innovatively turned programmers into stakeholders in the process, increasing their motivation and their attention to details.

Booth created Chameleon, an included presentation framework that greatly increases performance and reduces development time. Chameleon outputs to any client and integrates with virtually any legacy system, eliminating the need for costly upgrades of peripheral and integrated systems. “I tried several software development firms who made me purchase costly equipment and software and then failed to deliver a workable solution. Octanepowered had my business up and running in a month—and with no third party expenses,” says Peter Haggar of Blind and Shutter Gallery, Inc., a large-volume wholesaler and retailer of window coverings.

About Octanepowered, Inc.

Octanepowered, Inc. is a business solution development company providing value for customers through innovative packaging and project management. They offer productivity products like Chameleon Workflow for business process management and Chameleon Reporter for generating customized data reports in any format and to any client. In addition, Octanepowered, Inc. provides a wide array of services such as total IT management, system administration and maintenance, training and development, business process reengineering, professional technical support, and custom software development.


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