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New Publishing Company Emerges from the Cellar

New Publishing Company Emerges from the Cellar

PORTLAND, OR (PRWEB) July 20, 2004

This week marks the official launch of Cellar Door Publishing, a company specializing in the publication of high-quality illustrated literature and graphic novels. Built on a foundation of innovation and experimentation with a firm commitment to fulfilling the needs of fans, retailers, creators, the industry, and society, Cellar Door Publishing views its role as that of advocate, as well as that of publisher.

"The recent explosion in the popularity of graphic novels has created a demand for talented artists and writers. Cellar Door Publishing is headed by people with experience in the industry, a keen eye for literary and artistic merit and a straight forward dedication for producing edgy graphic novels," states Bleak House Books President Benjamin LeRoy. "From the moment I met Jade Dodge, I knew she was committed to understanding the business side of the art she holds dear." Fellow Publisher's Marketing Association members, Cellar Door Publishing and Bleak House Books share the goal of promoting the success of all companies within the publishing industry.

"While competition exists in any industry," states Founder and Publisher Jade Dodge, "I believe this industry is unique in its strong sense of community and support. Therefore, I feel that, even with the inevitable, underlying current of competition, we can come together and work toward strengthening the industry and making it a force to be reckoned with." With this goal in mind, Cellar Door Publishing has created programs specifically directed at fostering industry growth. "One program we've developed along these lines is a review column, featured on our site, focused on bringing attention to books we feel have been overlooked. In addition to books we've published, the column will also feature books that we've enjoyed from competing companies."

Cellar Door Publishing defines illustrated literature as any combination of words and pictures. "The forms this can take are infinite," explains Dodge. "I'm extremely excited to see the ideas creators bring to us. I'm certain there are brilliant concepts out there with revolutionary takes on the medium that merely need an outlet to express them selves."

In addition to the programs created for industry growth and the comprehensive package of services for creators, Cellar Door Publishing has created several programs targeted at the needs of fans and retailers, as well as bringing attention to societal issues. "We have several exciting programs lined up, including an interactive advocacy website for fans, support programs for retailers, and the upcoming West Memphis Three anthology."

"The West Memphis Three anthology is designed to bring about awareness of the WM3 case and to raise money for the WM3 defense fund," explains Dodge. "We're in the process of recruiting professionals interested in contributing. We recently received a piece from Henry Rollins for the anthology, for which we're extremely grateful."

Cellar Door Publishing representatives will be available at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, California this week. Requests for information on this or any additional comments or questions can be sent to .

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