Modular, Cross-Platform Computer Training Debuts

Modular, Cross-Platform Computer Training Debuts

Grass Valley, Calif. (PRWEB) May 17, 2006

Created Equal today announces a unique computer training system for individuals and organizations: TeachMac. TeachMac and its upcoming Windows companion TeachIT are free applications that run a package of multimedia tutorials. The tutorial modules work under their respective applications on Mac and Windows machines. There are fifteen modules available now, including subjects like email, word processing and spreadsheets, with many more are on the way.

The Modular Method

TeachMac and TeachIT modules contain brief multimedia lessons with both text and video to help individuals learn what they need to know at their own pace. Rather than reading a book or sitting through an entire video and later returning to their computer, users get lessons on what they need on their own computer, and can immediately apply what they learn. Because the modules are downloaded from the internet and reside on the user’s computer, they are portable and they can easily be updated (usually free of charge). In addition, users can combine lessons from existing modules to create their own modules and share them with friends and family regardless of platform preference.

Open Source Training

“We’re borrowing great ideas about content building and distribution to make dramatic strides in computer training,” Byron Turner, Created Equal’s CEO said. “Wikipedia shows us that an open source information conduit will draw tens of thousands to contribute to it. But we offer greater quality control and we pay contributors.” Anyone can build and submit modules on any computer-related subject. Upon approval, Created Equal hosts the modules at its TeachMac site and the authors receive royalties (details available at The company’s goal is to double the size of the library within 2 months and pass 100 modules within a year. “We’re confident we’ll reach our goal because enthusiasts, user groups and school computer clubs will want to build modules for fun and cash. Companies will want to build them to promote their products. Magazines or even other computer training producers will want to repurpose some of their existing screen capture videos to promote their product or publication and generate additional revenue with little or no additional cost.”

Have it your way

Created Equal is also taking a page from the iTunes music store and improving on that. Like iTunes, users can view and download existing modules right from inside the application. If a payment is required, that payment is handled securely and easily. “We go a little further with our service, however, as customers can buy modules individually or they can buy a subscription and have access to our entire library for one low price.” Some modules are free while others cost $ 5 to $ 15. Yearly subscription are only $ 49. Schools and other organizations will benefit from Created Equal’s inexpensive site licenses and generous terms which include access for all site personnel (students, teachers and staff) and their families. Details are available at TeachMac is free and available now. TeachIT is coming this summer.

System Requirements

TeachMac- Apple Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G3, G4, G5, or Intel processor; Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher; QuickTime 7 or later; Internet connection for downloading modules.

TeachMac is a proud sponsor of the MacGathering™ which takes place May 19-20 in Los Angeles. Attendees should check their show bags for a gift from TeachMac.

Created Equal, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting social equality through innovative education.


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