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Listen How to Book Yoursel Solid (Michael Port), How to Develop Leaders at All Levels (Ram Charan) and How Me Inc. Works(Scott W. Ventrella)

Listen How to Book Yoursel Solid (Michael Port), How to Develop Leaders at All Levels (Ram Charan) and How Me Inc. Works(Scott W. Ventrella)

Me Inc

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 9, 2008

Gildan audio , a division of Gildan Media just released in the retail market and online the following 3 audiobook Best sellers:

Book Yourself Solid : The Fastest , Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients

by Michael Port .

A one-of-a-kind, step-by-step guide to building a successful service business from the ground up.

According to the Small Business Administration, ninety percent of service businesses will fail within the first five years. They fail not because they don't offer great services and products, but because the owners are uncomfortable with traditional marketing and sales. The result is a frustrated, isolated, and overwhelmed business owner who does not know there is an entirely different, highly successful approach to marketing and sales available.

Now Michael Port shares his original proven system for getting more clients. Ninety-three percent of business owners who have used his seven core self-promotion strategies have experienced a thirty-four percent increase in their total number of clients and a forty-two percent increase in sales in the first year alone.

This practical, wildly inspirational guide will lift you up and give you the confidence you need to comfortably and authentically market yourself and your services, tap into an endless supply of quality referrals, and watch your business grow

"...This is not a conceptual, theoretical look at how to succeed as a service professional. Instead, it's just what you need if you're stuck and you'd rather invest in your future (by doing the right kind of work) than complain about it later." - Seth Godin, author of All Marketers Are Liars and Permission Marketing

"...Michael Port is the guy to call if you're tired of thinking small." - Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Free Agent Nation

Book Yourself Solid :

Author: Michael Port

Format: 7 CDs/7 hours

Price: $ 29.98 (US)

ISBN: 1-59659-135-8

Leaders at All Levels: Deepening Your Talent Pool to Solve the Succession Crisis by

Ram Charan

Corporate America's leading consultant explains how top companies solve the problem of leadership succession

A serious crisis looms in American management today. More and more CEOs are failing; there remains an acute shortage of capable replacements. The true dilemma in leadership is the stagnant state of corporate leadership development. Because companies fail to hone their unit managers' leadership abilities, they are never able to fill their succession pipelines. With unit managers stagnating, companies have difficulty executing at every level, compounding the crisis. Now, bestselling author Ram Charan shows how top companies approach leadership development as a core competency, recognizing that an adaptable leadership pool is a competitive advantage, and focusing their attention on bringing out the best in the leaders they have.

Charan reveals exactly what's wrong with corporate leadership development and tells how to make it right. He explains the concept of a leadership "gene pool" and shows how companies can discover just what "DNA" they need to succeed. He also details how to uncover the hidden leaders in a company, when and where to bring in fresh talent, how to coach, measure, and reward leadership, and much more.

"He has this rare ability to distill meaningful from meaningless and transfer it to others in a quiet way without destroying confidences."

-Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO General Electric

Leaders at All Level

Ran Charam

5 CDs- Approx. 6 Hours


Me Inc : How To Master the Business of Being YOU.

Author: Scott W. Ventrella

What if you were the CEO of a mediocre company? Would you just sit back and let the business plod along on a road to nowhere? Of course not. Any competent CEO would get proactive and start developing and implementing a plan for success. Now think about your life. Isn't it just as important as any business? Over the course of twelve "milestones" and accompanying exercises, you'll learn what you want and why, create your custom exceptional living plan based on your ultimate goals, use that plan as an everyday guide to living, and learn how to maintain your momentum and stay on track. You'll take stock of your most important "clients", gather feedback on your actions, set goals and priorities, and implement plans for change and constant improvement. Rather than float through life, you'll take control, be your own boss, and steer You, Inc. into the black.

You only lead one life, so why lead an average one? Stop living by accident and start living on purpose. Embrace your role as CEO of your own life and live with enthusiasm, determination, purpose, and confidence. If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, now is the time to take charge and be the boss.

"Ventrella takes the best practices of Fortune 500 companies and shows how you can apply them to another important venture-you! Your life deserves at least as much attention as your job does, so read this book and turn your time on Earth into a satisfying, meaningful enterprise."

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

Me Inc : How To Master the Business of Being YOU.

Author: Scott W. Ventrella

Format: 4 CDs/4 hours

Price: $ 29.98 (US)

ISBN: 1-59659-130-7

Published by Gildan Media Corp. These audio title are available at all fine book retailers Barnes and Nobles, on-line and as a download at iTunes and

Also available at : How to Create a Million Dollars sales Income , Think and Grow Rich and The NOW Habit.

Your Coach in a Box is a line of personal development audiobooks from Gildan Audio that bring bestselling authors and lecturers directly to you, at the best prices around.

Please visit for a special offer.

Gildan Audio is a division of Gildan Media Corporation, a multimedia publisher of audiobooks and books. Gildan Audio titles are distributed to the trade by Hachette Book Group USA. More about Gildan Media can be found at



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