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iYogi Scam Alerts: Online Software Scam

iYogi Scam Alerts: Online Software Scam


NewYork City, NY (PRWEB) May 31, 2011

iYogi, the provider of on-demand remote tech support services, has announced the latest 'iYogi Scam Alerts' report focused on pirated software sold online. This scam operates by selling pirated versions of original software for significantly lower prices than the original costs. However, buying and downloading such software can expose users data stored in their computer or network to hackers and identity thieves. In order to help users understand the workings of such scams and avoid becoming victims, iYogi regularly posts alerts about prevalent scams through its popular 'iYogi Alerts' series.

The operators of this specific type of scam tempt the victim by selling the software at a very low price. In reality, the software programs are unlicensed, stolen or pirated. Ordering any such software can easily end up with online criminals remotely taking control over a computer and accessing the data stored in it, without the user's knowledge. The danger with online software scams is not limited to getting robbed but extends to possible exposure to personal details and information, which could have other long-term repercussions.

Online software scams can also offer you OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) software at very reasonable prices. The scammers in this situation rationalize the low pricing through citing cheaper packing and manual costs.

In reality, OEM software:

     Cannot be resold
     Is sold in combination with hardware
     Is frequently pre-installed at the time you buy a new computer

Furthermore, selling OEM software alone is illegal. Therefore, anyone offering to sell OEM software is probably out to cheat you. Scammers also sell malicious software in the name of antivirus software etc., which instead of protecting a computer infects it with viruses and other malicious programs.

Below are some channels used by scammers to target users for online software scams:

    Auction sites: Online auction portals are the most common platforms used to target potential online software scam victims by posting pirated software up for sale. Although most of these auction sites have legitimate products and deals, they are sometimes used by scammers to carry out their objective to sell illegal online software.

     Other Websites: The most frequently visited Websites and search engines offer space for advertisement and are frequent targets to advertise the fake software. Other sites, which allow content files to be uploaded for sharing are also common platforms used by these scammers as they allow users to upload content and receive a link that they can post to various other users through e-mails or ads. In addition, the accessibility to block the information about the person controlling a website has made it more difficult to trace the authentication of the site. This has reduced the scope of protection for the consumer on many levels.

What iYogi has to say about it:

"The options to acquire quality software at lower than market prices are often difficult to resist. Scammers and cyber-criminals are using this to cheat people into buying pirated and fake software, which can often have far-reaching effects," said Vishal Dhar, president of marketing and co-founder of iYogi. "Being cautious about so called deals on the Internet and buying software from manufacturers or other reputed sources can prevent people from becoming victims of such scams."

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