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IT Expert: Fixing, Maintaining Computers So Easy ?Anyone Can Do It?

IT Expert: Fixing, Maintaining Computers So Easy ‘Anyone Can Do It’

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (PRWEB) July 30, 2007

Cynical employees in the corporate world long suspected it: repairing and maintaining computers can be so simple that just about anyone can do it. So says an Information Technology (IT) expert who spent years helping people fix their computers.

“Who hasn’t experienced IT people who fix computer problems but refuse to reveal anything about what they did,” says Razack Zaha of Access Alliance Trading. “It’s job security because if they told you you’d be able to do it yourself.”

Sort of like a medical handbook that people have in their homes for health emergencies, Zaha, who worked in Tech Support for a major company, created an e-Book to guide computer users in computer maintenance and what to do when a computer crashes. It’s called How to Fix My Computer.

Nasrol, a fitness instructor, has had to use the eBook to get himself out of a jam.

“This e-Book is not ordinary -- it’s extraordinary,” says Nasrol. “Razack and his team have put all their effort, expertise and experience in making this eBook as my First Aid Kit for the computers.”

Zaha says that’s exactly what makes his e-Book different than what’s already available.

“I show people how to fix a computer quickly and easily -- I walk them through,” says Zaha. “I use simple language so that non-technical people can read, follow and understand what to do.”

The e-Book focuses exclusively on problems related to Windows and related applications. The book does not address hardware failures. Though Zaha says he’s working another e-Book on that.

“For executives or other busy people this e-Book might come in handy when they’re traveling for business or on vacation,” says Zaha. “If their computer crashes the e-Book will show them how to recover their information instantly.”

The e-Book costs USD27.95, a lot less than just a single phone to Tech Support. It’s available by visiting

About How to Fix My Computer: New e-Book helps even novice computer users fix their computers without needing to phone Tech Support. It’s filled with easy to understand, step-by-step instructions on what to do when computers stop working.

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