Innovative Drafting Concepts Releases SmartOutline

Innovative Drafting Concepts Releases SmartOutline

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 19, 2005

Innovative Drafting Concepts announces the exciting release of SmartOutline, a unique desktop productivity tool that aims to simplify information collection and management. Operating from an Explorer style interface, users may organize, secure, and share information in revolutionary ways. Out of the box, the software contains advanced tools that annotate web pages, categorize URLs and more. Corporate IT leaders should consider this software a quick win giving individuals and team users an affordable, easy-to-learn tool that results in immediate productivity gains.

SmartOutline has four separate editions Standard, Business, Enterprise, and Viewer. Each has similar benefits, including creating, merging, and exporting outlines in addition to many other features. The Standard Edition allows you to organize your information in an outline document that is applicable to your specific task or project. The Business Edition introduces security features that protect outline sections or the entire outline. The Enterprise Edition is the most cost effective way to build and maintain a multi-user knowledge base system. This edition reconnects desktop outline information to centralized web servers, and as a result, this solution improves data retention while providing a valuable searchable resource.

SmartOutline separates itself from similar applications by supplying an open architecture that supports add-ins built with Microsoft .Net. SmartOutline currently extends by way of Export and Workspace add-ins. The elasticity provided by SmartOutline’s export formats facilitates effortless sharing and reuse of information in other applications. Users may export information within an outline document to more than 30 common office document formats. Workspace add-ins provide visual input for the end-user. These add-ins are represented by icons on an outline tree. Listed below are add-ins that will be shipped with all editions of SmartOutline.

HTML Forms – instantly captures data using html forms

Web Stickies – annotate any web page graphically and interactively

Link Library – store and categorize URLs

Drawing – draw rectangles, ovals, and freeform shapes

Tabbed Notes – write text based notes organized by tabs

Checklist – store task list items and view progress

Calendar Event – add calendar based events

In an October 9, 2004 focus group held in Marietta, Ga., attendees summarized SmartOutline as being forward-thinking, cutting edge, and a simple-to-use information manager. Some said many of the extreme features within SmartOutline will be adopted by other software companies within the information management industry. Attendees with enterprise IT management experience said it would have great use in many of their research departments and has demonstrated itself to be a compelling technology for any company.

SmartOutline is intended to serve basic and advanced information management needs with straightforward tools. It features a well designed application and outrageously refreshing add-ins that are compelling and unique for solving business issues and healing information loss. “SmartOutline has many advantages for any level of use,” founder and chief software architect Leonard Gambrell said. “We maintain to date that our application is far more flexible and is ready for the future than our nearest competitor. The ability to reuse HTML forms, annotate web pages and reconnect to company-wide knowledge bases is just a few innovations that we foresee as critical for the future of information collection and communication.”

System requirements include: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP5/2000/XP/2003, Pentium or 250 Mhz, 65536 color Video Card, 800×600 resolution, 64 Mb RAM, 56K Internet connection (recommended). A complete list and comparison chart of all new SmartOutline 2004 products are available online at:

Contact Information:

Innovative Drafting Concepts

Chief Software Architect

Leonard Gambrell

Atlanta, Georgia

(770) 732-8987


Media Contact:

Lamar Gambrell

Atlanta, Georgia

(770) 732-8987


More information is available at the product site. Please visit

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