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Innovative Computer Training Website Launches

Innovative Computer Training Website Launches

Hot Springs Village, AR (PRWEB) June 5, 2009

The Desktop Tutor announces the launch of its new click-by-click training program for the "computer illiterate." With this program, computer training is now available in an affordable online format, filling a very real need in modern society.

Computers are necessary evils for many small business owners and "Baby Boomers." While they need them to function in today's internet-driven economy, they often only understand a portion of what they need to do with them, whether they are trying to set up an e-commerce website or simply looking to communicate better online. Many become frustrated when something does not go exactly as planned on their computers, and they spend countless hours tweaking and fixing as they try to get back to where they started.

Computer training is available, but it is expensive. The computer challenged among us are paying hundreds for training CDs and books, only to find that the information they contain is outdated quickly as technology is constantly changing.

Others choose to get up-to-date help through "geek" help services, but find that the cost for pay-by-the-hour services quickly adds up. Many are left wondering if the "geek" really needed to spend that long helping them, or if he was simply looking to add to the bill.

The founders of The Desktop Tutor, Candace Hogan and Blaine Glynn, are computer experts who do not believe that computer training should be expensive. They created The Desktop Tutor to give those in search of help with the computer an affordable training option.

According to Mr. Glynn, The Desktop Tutor fills the need perfectly. "We offer our members click by click, step by step, video training that shows them exactly HOW to do what they want to do." In other words, members of this new site can log on and visually see each step in the process to help them do what they need with their computers, including simple processes like checking email to more complex tasks like setting up a blog or website.

Mr. Glynn went on to say, "We want our site to be exactly what our members need. It offers customizable training, because we create new videos to answer current member questions and fulfill member needs. In this way we can offer up-to-date help for the problems our members are actually facing right now." In addition, the videos are available at any time a member needs them, in contrast to "geek" help services that charge a premium for help at odd hours of the day.

Another benefit The Desktop Tutor offers members is anonymity. Those who are in the process of setting up a successful online business do not want the entire World Wide Web to know that they are struggling with an "easy" computer task. With The Desktop Tutor's click-by-click training, members can simply log on, find the video they need, and learn, without any embarrassment or hassle.

About The Desktop Tutor

The Desktop Tutor ( offers those who need better computer skills an affordable computer training option that is available anytime they can be online. All training is available via online videos, making the program accessible to anyone, no matter what their current computer skill level may be.

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