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ICE puts CCQ Education System to Work for Kids

ICE puts CCQ Education System to Work for Kids

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) February 6, 2006

Fort Lauderdale, FL PRWEB) February 6, 2006 -- Working to bridge the digital divide and support the education needs of local children, the Institute for Community Empowerment (ICE) has installed Interactive Speech Solutions’ Cool C™ Quiz on the computers in its Fort Lauderdale, Florida location. The Cool C Quiz (CCQ) is a new “talking computer” software release from Interactive Speech Solutions (ISS). CCQ is a virtual tutor, designed for Windows® based computers, that provides an interactive quiz learning experience. “CCQ is ideally suited to our program” said Arlon Kennedy, Executive Director of the ICE Cube Program. “Our program teaches children to be skilled with computers by using the computer as a teaching tool. CCQ gives our computers the ability to talk to each child and act as a tutor with extensive curriculum based content and the great part is that the children really enjoy working with CCQ. Having a talking computer makes it very user friendly and for the kids, it’s like being on a TV game show or playing an interactive video game. They have fun with CCQ and we know it is going to help them be better prepared for state required testing (FCAT).”

The Institute for Community Empowerment (ICE) is a program unit of the Koinonia Community Development Corporation, Inc. ICE opened an independently operated community technology center in 1998. In 2000 the ICE Cube Program became associated with both the national and Florida Governor’s Office sponsored PowerUp programs. The project targets low-income children from 4th through 12th Grades and CCQ is a cornerstone tool in their “academically accountable” after-school and summer camp programs. The Cool C Quiz compliments other computer-based learning tools provided by ICE to support the education needs of the children while teaching them about the importance of technology and helping them develop strong computer skills. “CCQ is great for schools and programs like ours because it has no special equipment or network requirements. It runs smoothly on all of our machines, new and old. The program is installed right on the PC so if our network or Internet connection is down, the kids can still work with CCQ” said Gino Jamison, Director of Community Services for the ICE program.

"This software (CCQ) is assisting educators by helping students more quickly master new knowledge through the combination of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. It provides a great example of how effective technology can be in the teaching process" stated Dr. Michael Krop, former Chairman and twenty-four year Miami-Dade (Florida) School Board Member. “The system offers unique opportunities for additional one-on-one learning time for a student to supplement the time being spent by teachers. CCQ does a great job of turning a computer into an effective virtual tutor” said ICE’s Mr. Kennedy.

Gail Melograno, Teacher and Reading Specialist at Silver Ridge Elementary stated “The CCQ program helps students increase their knowledge of required curriculum, as well as to review and practice what they already know. The questions are delivered in an entertaining, student friendly way, and the content ranges from basic knowledge to more challenging concepts. Students of all abilities will benefit from this highly motivating tutorial program.” As soon as the student starts CCQ, the computer begins talking, guiding the child to select from quiz sets for Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. The computer then verbally asks students questions and provides spoken clues like a TV game show host. The text for each question and clue is shown allowing CCQ to help students build their reading and pronunciation skills. A multi-language version of CCQ is even available that allows users to have questions and clues read to them in a second language. English/Spanish curriculum is available for CCQ for Grades 1 through 5. A Quiz mode, study mode, quiz timer and scoreboard are all available to the student. An Administration module provides a Content Editor that allows teachers to add their own quiz material and a Report generator feature makes it possible to track each child’s progress.

“We have been developing our talking computer technology for over three years and the applications for education have become very clear” said John Brodie, head of marketing for ISS and co-developer of the software. Teachers and education professionals around the country have been employed to produce curriculum based content that is structured to help develop reading skills and the retention of information. "CCQ gives students prompt indication of their mastery of the subject matter; whether or not they have learned and mastered the concepts, thereby providing for the identification of weak areas and needs for further study. Students can therefore monitor their progress instantaneously. CCQ provides students with opportunities to learn independently and develop their critical thinking skills" said Ms. Maria Isabel Sumilang a Middle School Science Teacher and on-line Tutor.

The Institute of Community Empowerment is working to identify additional locations and organizations interested in working with them to replicate their Fort Lauderdale program. The Cool C Quiz is one of the key tools being utilized to provide curriculum based structure for ICE in support of the education of the children in the program. For more information about CCQ, visit and for more information on the ICE project, visit ICE is actively seeking corporate sponsors and contributions to assist them in expanding their operations. Contact Arlon Kennedy at or (954) 415-1357 for further information.


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