Graphic Designer Shows Entreprenuers and Small Business Owners How Page Layout Can Sell More Books

Graphic Designer Shows Entreprenuers and Small Business Owners How Page Layout Can Sell More Books

Aurora, CO (PRWEB) November 1, 2007

Karen Saunders, award-winning graphic designer and owner of MacGraphics Services, has just posted the latest in a series of free articles on her website. Readers will often pass on a great book because it’s hard to read — not because of the content, but because the page layout simply makes it difficult on the eyes.

So how do you make it easy on the eyes? Saunders shows you in her latest article, entitled Turn Page Turners Into Buyers With Great Page Layouts. Without getting too technical, Saunders gives a little insight in to what makes people buy a book or put it back on the shelf. She offers marketing and design tips on a variety of topics on her website at

Because books are published to sell, it makes sense to give it every advantage. And that includes page layout.

“This is where most people stop,” says Saunders. “They take one look at the page and in a matter of seconds decide it’s too hard to read.”

‘Hard to read’ can include anything from the font used to the space between the lines. It’s all about making an appealing impression, so that consumers want to take your book home with them.

The techniques in this article can also be applied to company newsletters, reports, or sales brochures. If you want someone to read it, you’ve got to make it readable.

Upcoming articles will continue to take the mystery out of marketing. Readers will learn:

Tips on creating eye-catching covers for books and brochures.
Top design techniques so their marketing pieces will rival ones created by a professional.
Unique twists on the most popular marketing essentials.
How to create visual branding that will turn potential customers into paying ones.
Tips on creating the right advertising mood that will attract your perfect customers without saying a word.

To view the complete series, go to

Saunders has won awards for her book cover designs, and is recognized as an expert in the field of graphic design. She founded MacGraphics Services in 1990 and is a leading designer of marketing materials such as ads, logos, one-sheets, audio and video packaging, and book covers and interiors. Saunders’ award-winning covers can be viewed at

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