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Enemy-Proof Encrypted Email Protects War Fighters

Enemy-Proof Encrypted Email Protects War Fighters

Reston, VA (PRWEB) December 11, 2006

Among the difficulties our troops face overseas in dangerous areas is how to keep personal, morale and critical military information safe when emailing friends and family back home. TrustedPear™'s easy-to-use free encrypted-email service protects users' data and identities on the Internet. TrustedPear™'s encrypted-email cannot be intercepted or read by a hostile government -- its messages do not have a typical "encrypted" format. The stealthy messaging service not only protects the user's information, but hides the fact of communication as well. The encrypted email service is available for free for American war fighters at Troops can speak freely and with confidence to friends and family, knowing they are not putting themselves or their unit at risk.

TrustedPear™ keeps a user's computer clean -- it uses RAM memory and never writes information to the hard-drive. Even when a user accesses an account from an Internet café in an unfriendly area -- downtown Baghdad for example -- the user's information stays protected. TrustedPear™ works anywhere a user can find the Internet and requires no special equipment.    For servicemen and women working in sensitive areas, TrustedPear™ never discloses a user's location. TrustedPear™ is available for free or by subscription at Military users can gain a free upgrade by using a promotion code, "USA," when they sign up for the encrypted email service.

TrustedPear™ encrypted email is always safe with multiple forms of encryption. Users' private information is encrypted while the data rests on TrustedPear™ servers, and while it is "in transit" from the user to the server. Only when the user is actually reading a message is it ever "in the clear."    Troops with sensitive personal, medical or legal issues can now discuss them in complete privacy.

TrustedPear™ is ideal for anyone with personal secrets, or who just wants to keep their information private.

The service provides top quality free encrypted email and has consistently been ranked Number One at Google® News.



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