Custom Cartooning and Graphic Design is More Affordable than You Think

Custom Cartooning and Graphic Design is More Affordable than You Think

Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) July 17, 2008

Everyone needs it, but not everyone has the expertise to do it. Advertising and marketing can take up a huge amount of time for business owners. Several times an owner comes up with a great advertising idea or concept, but does not have the expertise to make that campaign come to life. The pros at have the answer for you. “I used to run my own full service ad agency for years.” said Mark Lewkowicz, owner and president. “Since then I have gotten out of the full service business and now focus on doing design work and custom graphics for businesses across the country.” said Mr. Lewkowicz. “We listen to a customer’s request and come up with a graphic design that best executes their idea. Whether it is ad design, custom cartoon, logo, brochure, package design or direct mail – we can take your idea and make it a tangible, results-oriented ad campaign.”

Custom cartoon work has been a huge area of growth at “We have had people contact us about drawing some of the strangest things.” said Mark Lewkowicz, owner. “I have drawn everything from a robotic crawfish for a robotics developer in Louisiana – to a longhorn bull that looks like The Rock (wrestler and actor). It is a lot of fun to create these drawings for people. You can see some samples of our custom cartoon work at" said Mr. Lewkowicz. If you email us from our site, we will send a free quote and more samples of cartoon work. Cartoons are a great way to get attention and create an identity for your company.

When it comes to graphics, you don’t have to hire a local artist or have someone in-house. “Everything we do is in a digital format. We design all our graphics on the computer. Even if you were in the building next door to us, we would still send you your proof via email for approval. Therefore, it is not necessary for us to be local. Our clients just need the job accomplished.” stated Mark. “We have also found that clients who have previously had an in-house artist and were paying salaries and insurance no longer need to have those people on staff. They can farm that artwork out to us for a fraction of the cost and only contact us when they need something.” said Mr. Lewkowicz. is part of The Creation Network, Inc. The design company has been in business since 1990. “We are reliable and we deliver what we say we will – on deadline.” stated Mark Lewkowicz. “We are not some fly-by-night company. We won’t disappear on you. As a matter of fact, it it wasn’t for all those unreliable people out there in the industry, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am now.” stated Mark.

So, if you need anything that has to do with graphic design work you now have an affordable, reliable source – Take a moment and bookmark the site, because you never know when you might need some design work done.


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