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Consumer Review: New Computer Mouse From Microsoft

Consumer Review: New Computer Mouse From Microsoft

(PRWEB) October 11, 2003

)PRWEB) October 9 2003--Most of the world looks to build a better mousetrap, but Microsoft continues to build a better mouse.

Their newest species offers several improvements but of most interest is the scroll wheel. As one who uses a mouse with a scroll wheel, I have to tell you that it's become a necessity. That became most apparent when I had to use a mouse without a scroll wheel on someone else's computer. I find my index finger constantly reaching for the wheel and it most certainly eats into my productivity when I don't have one.

Granted that there have been plenty of new innovations with the computer mouse, most noticeably the wireless and optical variety. Using a mouse with a friction ball or one that's tethered to a computer makes me feel like I'm operating a prehistoric rodent.

What with optical, wireless, extra buttons and the like, Microsoft's new Tilt Wheel technology is the first major improvement to a mouse that's come along in quite some time and it's very innovative.

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