CHiL Announces New Voltage Regulator Controller Families for Graphics Processors

CHiL Announces New Voltage Regulator Controller Families for Graphics Processors

Tewksbury, MA (PRWEB) May 11, 2010

CHiL Semiconductor Corporation, a leading developer of high-performance, mixed-signal power management integrated circuits for the server, personal computer and high-volume computing market segments, announces its new Performance and Enthusiast GPU voltage regulator(VR) families for the graphics board and high performance computing (HPC) markets. These controllers provide the highest performance, efficiency and density in the performance graphics card markets.

Designed for the extremely demanding GPU cores emerging today from Nvidia and AMD, the new VR families incorporate such features as integrated overclocking, high performance telemetry, and dynamic phase control for optimal efficiency. Both product families control two separate voltages with very few parts, enabling the highest density designs.

“The recent recognition that CHiL’s CHL8266 was used in Nvidia’s GTX 480 Fermi graphics card has drawn an enormous amount of interest and design activity from the graphics community,” said Larry Spaziani, CHiL’s vice president of business development. He added, “Many innovative graphics card leaders from both the NVidia and ATI camps have proceeded with higher performance overclocking designs using our full product family. Taking advantage of CHiL’s exceptional voltage regulation in critical overclocking situations has enabled some very aggressive designs. We expect this to continue as more vendors migrate from existing analog solutions to CHiL’s truly digital control techniques.”

The Performance family is offered in 28 and 40 pin QFN packages, and contains a full I2C control and telemetry bus, easy to use design software, and the smallest total VR solution offered. The Enthusiast family adds further levels of overclocking and telemetry as well as the ability to control exact current and power levels from up to three separate +12V rails, enabling modern graphics cards to safely maximize the amount of current from separate +12V connectors in high performance systems.

Both product families offer 2-wire voltage control with pre-loaded VID codes, enabling developers to tune into the correct GPU core and frame buffer voltages. The products offer overcurrent protection, as well as under- and over-voltage protection. They also contain a unique new second level overcurrent protection feature, enabling GPUs to safely enter turbo-mode for maximum performance. Developers can also choose to lock or enable overclocking for their customers, using CHiL’s many levels of code protection.

About CHiL Semiconductor

CHiL Semiconductor Corporation develops high-performance, mixed-signal power management integrated circuits primarily targeted at servers, personal computers and other high-volume computing market segments. CHiL Semiconductor’s devices tightly integrate digital technology, precisely monitoring and controlling the power management process. Providing unique, intelligent features, CHiL devices yield significant system power efficiency and performance gains, while reducing system design and complexity. For more information, please visit

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