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Carry Your Personal Cloud in Your Palm: iTwin Makes It Simple to Securely Access All Your Files on the Go

Carry Your Personal Cloud in Your Palm: iTwin Makes It Simple to Securely Access All Your Files on the Go

Singapore (PRWEB) June 09, 2011

iTwin today announced enhancements to its award winning iTwin file sharing device ($ 99) to even more effectively replicate the experience of sitting in front of a home or work computer from anywhere. A new thumbnail image view allows the user to see photos and other remote image files in the familiar “preview” look and feel to that of working on a local machine. Also released in this update, iTwin users can now seamlessly stream remote media files without making a local copy. iTwin is also now compatible with almost every type of known proxy server, so users can remotely access files from all network environments. Existing iTwin users can simply “plug and play” to take advantage of these new benefits, without the requirement of paying monthly subscription fees or the need to purchase a new device.

These new features allow iTwin to function as an even better “Personal Cloud.” iTwin makes it easy to quickly view and edit files in the original stored location—protecting the security of the user’s most private and confidential files. iTwin users do not pay monthly subscription fees as is typically required with cloud storage space. And since iTwin is hardware and only limited by the size of a computer’s hard drive, users can access any number of files of any size under the one-time purchase price of $ 99.

In a recent article in the New York Times on cloud storage, Verne G. Kopytoff writes “…well-publicized hackings and thefts at big companies like Sony, RSA Security and the e-mail marketing firm Epsilon Data Management worry the late adopters.” Further, George Hamilton, an analyst with Yankee Group, states in Kopytoff’s article, “I wouldn’t want to put anything with a Social Security number on a cloud-based storage service.”

“iTwin continues to innovate to deliver a simple and secure way to remotely use a computer in the same way you would by sitting in front of it,” said Lux Anantharaman, co-founder and CEO of iTwin. “Cloud storage has severe limitations, and it requires storage of sensitive information to be turned over to a third party, leaving it open to being compromised. With the iTwin, because a user’s information always is stored on their original device, the risk of private information being used inappropriately is mitigated.”

iTwin comprises two identical parts that resemble a standard USB drive. One part of the iTwin goes into the main computer, the other half, or “twin,” can be activated on any PC with an Internet connection, enabling immediate access to files from one computer to the other. Twin employs two-factor authentication, military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, and a proprietary remote disable feature to protect information with the highest standards of security. iTwin enables users to share, copy or back-up work documents, digital music and photo libraries, or general files and folders often needed from the road. iTwin professional users can also collaborate by remotely accessing and/or editing files, while ensuring complete versioning control.

In an online review in the Chicago Tribune on May 17, Terry Gardner writes “(iTwin) really is ‘plug and play’. I like the option of traveling with a little flash drive rather than my laptop so I can share photos or music with a friend or use the friend's computer to work on documents stored on my home computer.”

iTwin is available now at an introductory price of $ 99 USD at iTwin will be exhibiting at GDGT Live New York and in the CEA Line Show during Consumer Electronics Week in New York City, June 21-23, 2011. To schedule a meeting with iTwin during the show please call Schwartz Communications at 415-512-0770 or email iTwin(at)Schwartzcomm(dot)com. For more information, please visit

About iTwin

iTwin is a user-friendly device for connecting any two online computers, anywhere in the world, safely and simply. It supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Unlike storage offerings with space limitations and privacy risks, iTwin’s award-winning product comprises two identical halves that need only be plugged into two computers for them to be instantly connected and secured by hardware-based encryption. iTwin, honored as a 2009 finalist in the TechCrunch50 awards, makes remote file access as simple as using a flash drive while enabling users to replicate the experience of one computer on any other computer with an internet connection. Travel light, take as many of your tunes, videos and pictures as you'd like and eliminate leaking of sensitive data by leaving the laptop at the office. For more ideas on how to be productive and worry free with iTwin, please visit, or follow us on twitter @iTwinTweet and Facebook at


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