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Artist Creates a Modern Twist on an Old Wedding Tradition

Artist Creates a Modern Twist on an Old Wedding Tradition

Morristown, NJ (PRWEB) May 31, 2006

Couples hoping to find a unique and meaningful way to celebrate their marriage now have a beautiful alternative founded in an old tradition – the ketubah, a wedding document symbolizing life ahead together as a couple and an artistic heirloom to pass down to generations to come. Rooted in Jewish tradition, the ketubah is a work of art that celebrates the vows of the bride and groom, and is signed by them during the marriage ceremony. The ketubah has been going through a creative resurgence, fueled in part by artists like Daniel Sroka. Mr. Sroka combines his talents in photography and graphic design to create fine art ketubot that both appeal to the tastes of modern brides and grooms, and meet the needs of modern, non-traditional wedding ceremonies.

Mr Sroka's exquisite designs combine his photography of flowers and nature with traditional or contemporary texts, and are available through his own online store, Modern Ketubah (

Mr. Sroka got his start while planning his own wedding. Like all couples, Mr. Sroka and his fiancée were looking for the "perfect" ketubah, one that reflected their artistic taste and their contemporary ideas of marriage. "But every ketubah we found seemed to rely on the same traditional images and the same old-fashioned language," Mr. Sroka explained. "They did not hold any special meaning for our wedding."

Mr. Sroka decided to combine his skills at graphic design and photography to create his own ketubah. He found the perfect symbol for marriage in a photograph he took of an ancient rose bush in their garden. "Unlike the traditional images, we felt that this flower symbolized marriage to us. Even though its strong branches support and protect the plant, only constant care and attention enable it reach its full potential and beauty."

Mr. Sroka's ketubah design was so well received that he decided to go into business for himself, creating ketubot for others looking for something out of the ordinary.

Since Mr. Sroka's ketubah designs do not rely on traditional religious images, they are especially popular among interfaith couples, and non-Jewish couples.

"All of my ketubah designs come from my fine art photography of nature. Flowers and leaves are natural symbols of life and joy, that give couples a more contemporary way to celebrate their wedding. My goal is to create ketubot which any couple, from any background or tradition can find meaningful to their own wedding."

After three years, and hundreds of ketubot, Daniel Sroka has created ketubot for all kinds of wedding ceremonies: including Jewish weddings, interfaith weddings, non-religious ceremonies, and gay and lesbian weddings. He has also made fine art wedding certificates for anniversary celebrations, and as thank you gifts for the parents.

"It's been a special honor for me, being able create works of art that become a significant part of the lives of my customers."

About Daniel Sroka and Modern Ketubah

Daniel Sroka is a fine art photographer and award-winning graphic designer. His photography offers a unique and intimate glimpse into the mystery of the natural world, exploring the interplay of light, form, and texture found within leaves and flowers. He has also worked as a graphic designer in Japan and the USA, and was Yahoo!'s first Creative Director. His photography has been in numerous shows, and can be seen on his website ( Modern Ketubah ( is Daniel Sroka's online store for his contemporary ketubah designs that showcase his fine art photography of flowers, leaves, and nature.

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