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ActiveXperts Software and Sensatronics raise the bar for Environmental Monitoring

ActiveXperts Software and Sensatronics raise the bar for Environmental Monitoring

(PRWEB) March 5, 2004

Software partner growth continues as ActiveXperts of the Netherlands becomes the latest application vendor to join Sensatronics software partner program. “The mission of the ActiveXperts Network Monitor in conjunction with Sensatronics is to maximize the reliability of your production server and applications through the automatic detection and correction of problems and issues,” said Marian Vahland of ActiveXperts Software.

When issues are detected, alerts and alarms are immediately generated. Messages are delivered to e-mail, pagers, cell phones, applications are started or almost any action that a customer can specify occurs to restore normal business operations. With Sensatronic, the application addresses issues beyond typical server CPU temperature as storage, network or telecom environmental issues are inclusive. The application runs as a service on Windows 2003/2000/XP/NT platforms, it also supports Unix, Linux and Novell platforms allowing users to select a single application regardless of operating system.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor Engine continuously monitors the environment, computer room temperatures, servers, LAN and WAN networks. There is no agent software required at the units being monitored as the Monitor Engine relies on the standard protocol or application layer of Operating Systems to do the job. Network Monitor Manager application is the viewer, reporting results and offering the interface to configure the management tools. Network Monitor Manager provides visual monitoring from any desktop PC, the application administrator enables users allowing a range of capabilities from view only to full configuration control in addition to digital temperature measurement.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor is more than a passive monitor, active features such as:

Restart a service (or multiple services) upon failure.

Reboot a server upon failure.

Launch an executable or batch command job; Network Monitor system parameters can be passed.

Launch a VBScript; Network Monitor system parameters can be passed.

are all-inclusive within ActiveXpert.

Customers selecting only environmental monitoring are offered ActiveXperts at no cost. Recognizing the fist step in establishing a managed environment is getting the environmental under control, ActiveXperts offers customers using Sensatronics (Ethernet based) IT Monitors a software license at no cost. The ActiveXperts offer is made to the Sensatronics installed base as well as customers purchasing Sensatronics IT monitors for the first time. This provides users with an application value typically greater than $ 695.00 at no cost from Sensatronics. Thousands of Sensatronics customers now have access to advance technology without added investment.

Marian Vahland of ActiveXperts Software said “we believe so much in the value that Sensatronics brings to its customers in environmental monitoring that we want Sensatronics customers to utilize ActiveXperts, the worlds most advanced management application”.

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