A New Revolution in Computer Desks

A New Revolution in Computer Desks

The Revolution Desk

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 22, 2008

Innovation and cutting-edge products have always been the specialty of computer furniture manufacturer, Versa Tables, but their latest computer desk has literally created a new revolution. The Revolution Computer Desk combines the classic simplicity of a writing desk with the intricate functionality of a technologically advanced computer workstation all in one complete solution. The Revolution Desk features a unique rotating panel surface, designed to hide a mounted computer monitor below the surface of the desk when the computer is not in use and a clear, frontward view even when the monitor is being used, due to its recessed design.

“You really have to see the desk in action to truly appreciate the functionality and ingenious mechanism we’ve developed for the Revolution Series Desks”, said Chris Stormer, Chief Operations Officer at Versa Tables. “When there’s a nationwide demand for a particular product, we put our designers and engineers to work so we can meet that demand and exceed the expectations of our customers. This desk provided some extra challenges because we wanted to make sure that the final result was unique, functional and durable while still meeting the strict criteria we knew was necessary. The result is a series of computer desks that protect and hide the monitor under the surface of the desk and leave a clear workspace when the computer is not in use.”

And the ingenuity doesn’t stop there. Another feature that hides underneath the surface of the desk is a retractable keyboard drawer. The solid steel keyboard tray doubles as the flip-up mechanism which controls the monitor’s smooth rotation from its hideaway under the surface to its ergonomic, user location atop the desk. Due to the semi-recessed viewing area, the Revolution Desk is the perfect solution for a classroom or training room environment because it leaves a clear view to the front of the room, even if the monitor is in use.

“There are some computer labs and classrooms that don’t require and unobstructed view to the front of the room due to the positioning of the tables or desks in relation to the instructor”, remarked Stormer. “Versa Tables outfits schools, computer labs, military training and other educational institutions across the United States, and every situation is unique. We constantly strive to provide solutions that will make everyone’s life just a little bit easier, and the Revolution Desk is just the latest in a long line of fantastic, American made computer furniture. Simple as that!”

If the staff at Versa Tables seems to take a lot of pride in their products, it’s with good reason. All of their computer desks, tables, carts and accessories carry a lifetime warranty because they are confident that their products are the best on the market, and the Revolution Desk is no exception.


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