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World’s First Laptop Hardware Keylogger in a Mini-PCI Card

World's First Laptop Hardware Keylogger in a Mini-PCI Card

Anaheim, Calif. (PRWEB) March 2, 2007

BitForensics today announced the release of the world’s first laptop hardware keylogger. The “KeyCarbon Raptor” card records all typing on a laptop keyboard, plugs into the Mini-PCI slot of a laptop computer, and stores captured keystrokes on the onboard 256MB MicroSD card. The card is 100% passive, requires no drivers, and is undetectable by any software running on the laptop.

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“Law enforcement and government agencies have led the way in adopting this card as part of their toolkit. Early adopters were impressed with how easy it was to record typing on a laptop, by simply plugging the card into a spare slot on the laptop. The passive card requires no drivers, and operates from the moment it is plugged in,” stated Shane Tolmie, President of BitForensics.

Eliminating fraud is another benefit of the KeyCarbon Raptor card. The card is also used as a data backup against theft or system failure.

In addition the card is used to create an audit trail in banks, stock trading floors, accountancy firms and corporations. The card is used as an investigative tool by government agencies worldwide.

The “KeyCarbon Raptor” card is 100% passive, is undetectable by any software running on the host PC, and requires no drivers. As the card is completely invisible to the Operating System (OS) it does not slow the computer down or drain system resources.

The Mini-PCI card records all typing from the moment the laptop is powered on, including any BIOS passwords typed before the operating system starts to load.

As the card is located inside the case of the laptop, plugged into the Mini-PCI slot of the laptop motherboard, it can be protected with a tamper resistant seal.

The card is compatible with all operating systems that run on a Pentium compatible CPU including Windows (all versions including Vista), Linux, DOS, BeOS, and OS/2. The card requires nothing but a spare Mini-PCI slot on the laptop.

The recorded typing is encrypted at a hardware level and can be presented as evidence in a court of law.

There are three models of the KeyCarbon Raptor card available, with memory between 16MB and 128MB, encryption up to 128-bit, and support for date/time stamping.

The first units will be available to the public on March 18th, 2007.

About BitForensics

BitForensics is the worldwide leader in hardware devices to create audit trails on a computer. Additional information about BitForensics is available at



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