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The Faceless Lover of the Computer Threatens Many Relationships

The Faceless Lover of the Computer Threatens Many Relationships

(PRWEB) September 4, 2005

The lure of Internet pornography and online chat rooms may be too much for some men to resist. However, this online obsession does not need to destroy relationships as the editors of discovered. The editors at have uncovered the truth behind relationships threatened by excessive online use, and the common solution.

Mark enjoys coming home from work and heading to his computer. He, like many men, are turning to the Internet to fulfill their sexual needs and desires by looking at countless pornography sites. Mark used these porn sites to indulge in a fantasy that his wife would not even entertain, feeling that it was his only option. Porn became a big part of his life and ruined his marriage.

There are also many men like Chris. Chris logs on to an Internet forum where he pretends to be a single guy. In reality Chris has been married for ten years and has two young children. By all accounts, Chris has a good life, however he feels drawn to the Internet, where he flirts with many women, sometimes having computer sex, pretending to be in his twenties and living the free wheeling single life.

Women all over the world struggle with a common enemy. The computer is a faceless lover for many men all over the globe and millions of women are struggling with how to deal with this impregnating problem. Men like Mark, are turning to the Internet to look at pornography away from the prying eyes of their wives and girlfriends. While other men like Chris are turning to Internet chat rooms to meet other people and escape from their lives. Places where they can pretend that they are something and somebody that they are not.

So why are these men sneaking off to the computer to satisfy their needs when they have wives and girlfriends who love them? Are they lacking something in their own lives and relationships that they feel they can get from the computer or strangers online? How can the wives and girlfriends of these men get their men off the computer and back into their lives? The answer may be simpler than you think. Read how communication may be the key to solving the threat of the Internet, in September’s feature article on

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