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ProvibTech Credits New Technology and Dynamic All-in-One Package to Growth, Global-Success

ProvibTech Credits New Technology and Dynamic All-in-One Package to Growth, Global-Success

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 4, 2007

Houston-based ProvibTech is making big changes. According to company officials, the company is quickly expanding its global presence to become one of the few vibration monitoring, diagnostic and management companies to offer a dynamic all-in-one package accommodating both balance of plant and critical machines.

With over 30 representatives throughout the U.S. and offices in: Beijing, India, Germany and Russia; ProvibTech, formerly PredicTech, recently announced that it is developing advanced technology that will further enhance their unique dynamic module designed by ProvibTech engineers from customer input gathered throughout the vibration monitoring industry.

While the company's product line features vibration monitoring solutions, including rack mounted continuous monitoring systems, portable vibration data collection and broad range sensors and vibration transmitters; their flagship product is the Distributed Transmitter Monitor (DTM) which acts as a monitor, switch and transmitter all in one package -- much like a Swiss army knife that it is small in size but multi-functional in use. This uniquely designed module works for both balance of plant and critical machines, offering a cost-effective solution.

"We are doing so well, because we are not only able to customize solutions specific to our customers needs with modular designs which serve balance of plant machines but also critical machines," said ProvibTech Owner and President Donald Li.

"I believe that this, combined with our superior customer service and support, is why we're able to stand apart and grow globally at the rate that we have," Li added.

Among the innovative technology, setting the ProvibTech product line apart is the PT2060, a state-of-the-art rack based continuous monitoring system ideal for critical machinery protection applications.

ProvibTech recently presented its PT2060 monitor and software, along with all vibration switches, sensors and other featured products at the 36th Annual Turbomachinery Symposium sponsored by the Turbomachinery Laboratory at Texas A&M University.

Global ProvibTech distributors have also recently presented new products at conferences and trade shows in Aman, Jordan; Leon, Mexico; Algeria, North Africa; and Famimas, Brazil.

For more information about ProvibTech's technology, quality products and service, please visit , or call the Houston ProvibTech office at 713.830.7601.


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