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Old Computers Find New Life at Schrock Innovations

Old Computers Find New Life at Schrock Innovations

Lincoln, NE (PRWEB) July 13, 2006

Lincoln businesses and residents who are storing old computers and equipment now have another good reason to clean out their basements. Schrock Innovations, a local computer repair company, announced today that it now recycles all computers, monitors, and computer equipment with no charge to businesses or consumers.

Thor Schrock of Schrock Innovations said that while this change in policy may appear small, it actually represents a major change in the options available to Lincoln Businesses and residents. Typically businesses are charged a fee by a recycling company to accept outdated computers, monitors, and peripherals. Schrock Innovations is presently the only company in Lincoln that accepts all computer equipment with no processing fees.

“When a computer is dropped off to be recycled at Schrock Innovations, it actually gets recycled,” Thor Schrock, owner of Schrock Innovations said. “The metal is removed from the cases and drives, the lithium batteries are removed, and all recyclable fasteners such as screws and rivets are recycled completely.”

E-waste is becoming an increasing concern for communities across the nation and the rapid advance in technology is creating more and more obsolete computers. According to the National Council of Safety, more than 75% of obsolete computers are stored by businesses or consumers because of a lack of disposal options. It is estimated that by the year 2007 there will be more than 500 million obsolete computers in the US that reside in storage. Schrock went on to explain that his company is simply being responsible by reducing the amount of e-waste that finds its way into Lincoln landfills.

“We do not get paid for doing this,” Schrock said. “We simply separate the recyclable materials much like you would separate your aluminum and steel cans. We then send each material to a licensed company who can recycle it properly. It is a small thing we can do to give back to a community that gives so much to us.”

Schrock said that the Lancaster County Health Department has been advised of the company’s new policy and that it will be listed on the next computer recycling fact sheet set to be distributed later this month.

Computer Recycling Quick Facts

    By 2007 there will be 500 million obsolete computers in storage – enough for 2 PCs for every man, woman and child in the US.

    600 million pounds of e-waste (some of it toxic) is dumped into landfills every year.

    60% of the weight of a computer CRT monitor is lead.

    If no computers are recycled this year there would be 1.2 billion pounds of lead, 2 million pounds of cadmium, and 400,000 pounds of mercury entering our landfills.

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