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Inova’s Pentium 4 single-board computer puts ‘the works’ in a box: Powerful CompactPCI engine features rich, flexible I/O

Inova's Pentium 4 single-board computer puts ‘the works’ in a box: Powerful CompactPCI engine features rich, flexible I/O

(PRWEB) July 20, 2002

Far more than just a powerful, flexible single-board computer, the P4 Samurai from Inova Computers incorporates the communications capabilities, high-performance graphics and rich I/O facilities that are increasingly called for in leading-edge automation applications. Featuring a newly developed universal PCI to PCI bridge chip and an innovative adaptive I/O routing scheme, this 3U CompactPCI SBC is uniquely positioned to enable a new generation of “works in a box” industrial computers that tackle jobs which previously required multiple computers.

Based on the latest low-power Pentium 4 CPU generation from Intel, the P4 Samurai scores particularly high on raw system performance. The Pentium 4’s “Quad Pumped Bus” technology transfers four 64-bit data packets over its front-side bus (FSB) rather than just the one or two packets of previous CPU generations, fully exploiting the capabilities of the latest DDR-RAM-266 memories. These cost-effective memories command bandwidths of up to 2.16 Gbytes/second, significantly more than the 1.6 Gbytes/second of a RAMBUS channel.

The P4 Samurai also provides a full and flexible memory complement. The P4 processor itself incorporates a generous 512 kbytes of on-die L2 cache and the P4 Samurai board accommodates up to 512 Mbytes of soldered DDR-RAM-266, providing a solid basis for Linux, Solaris and Windows operating systems. Additionally, an optional DDR SO-DIMM memory extension enables problem-free expansion of the working memory up to a full Gbyte. A CompactFlash (CF) socket is also integrated on the board for adding solid-state flash memory cards or taking advantage of IBM’s microdrive hard disk technology.

On the peripheral and I/O front, the P4 Samurai delivers a full and flexible slate of interfaces and ports, including ATA 100, USB 1.1/2.0, dual 10/100-Mbit/second Ethernet, VGA graphics, etc. The SBC’s USB controller automatically recognizes the transfer rate of attached devices and adjusts accordingly, with data transfers managed at the highest possible rate.

The P4 Samurai’s Ethernet and USB signals are routed to both the front panel and the CompactPCI J2 connector, and an innovative, intelligent I/O routing facility on the SBC automatically determines the desired route at boot-up, subsequently switching the corresponding signal accordingly. No formal configuration is necessary. A 32-bit CompactPCI board, the P4 Samurai can optionally be supplied with a 64-bit CompactPCI implementation if rear I/O capabilities are not required.

Another highlight of the board is a Phoenix BIOS with an extensive feature set. This includes legacy USB support, green functions, ACPI and freely programmable watchdog functions. The BIOS is available in source code form for OEM adaptation. An additional back-up BIOS is also provided on the board for problem-free recovery in case of corruption due to human error or faulty BIOS field updates – an absolute must for medical applications. Another major feature of the P4 Samurai is its universal PCI-to-PCI bridge chip, which allows the board to be used either as the master CPU in a system or as a slave CPU.

For the ultimate in human/machine interfaces, the scalability of the P4 Samurai is further enhanced by an AGP graphics piggyback board, which accelerates graphics-intensive applications and expands graphics memory. The low-power 3D graphics chip on the piggyback supports MPEG-2 encoding with integrated motion compensation plus GDI expansions such as quick Alpha BLTs, Transparent BLTs and Gradient Fills. The AGP piggyback supports two independent displays with different screen contents. In addition to its analog VGA output, the SBC can easily be adapted to the digital world with a DVI (Digital Visual Interface) for links up to 5 meters or GigaSTaR interface for links up to 50 meters.

In addition to its leading-edge performance and rich I/O, the P4 Samurai also features a robustness that’s particularly suitable for demanding applications such as process/CNC operation, control for processing centers, packaging and handling lines and rolling mills, plus powerful CNC machine tools. Particular attention was paid in the board’s design to the power supply, signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Refined layout techniques were utilized to protect against crosstalk, voltage fluctuations and clock jitter. As with all Inova products, the P4 Samurai is covered by a three-year warranty.

The P4 Samurai, available with P4 processors ranging from 1.2 GHz to 2 GHz, has Full Hot Swap capability as defined in the latest CompactPCI standard.

Extensive software driver support is available for the P4 Samurai. Pricing starts at less than $ 2000 each in OEM quantities, with delivery from 6 to 8 weeks ARO.

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