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High-Tech Goes Green

High-Tech Goes Green

Manchester, NH (PRWEB) April 5, 2008

It's one thing to develop Earth-friendly policies when you're a manufacturer or a retail operation--efforts such as recycling, using renewable energy sources, and scrubbing emissions to remove pollutants are all options.

But what if you're a high-tech company whose products appear only in cyberspace?

That was the dilemma facing SilverTech, an interactive agency based in Manchester, New Hampshire. "We felt an obligation to do our part, specifically in the area of carbon emissions," says Nick Soggu, president and CEO of SilverTech.

Beyond being the right thing to do, there's another reason for high-tech firms like SilverTech to address their carbon footprint: their customers expect it. "Many of our clients are environmentally conscious and want their suppliers be also," says Soggu.

Take Pizza Fusion, an up-and-coming chain of gourmet, organic pizza restaurants with a strong environmental focus. "Our commitment to the environment is a core part of our business mission," says Vaughan Lazar, cofounder and CEO of Pizza Fusion. "As part of that commitment, we decided early on to seek out environmentally conscious vendors and suppliers to partner with." Pizza Fusion came to SilverTech seeking not only a design for its website that would reflect its core values, but a web partner that shared them.

SilverTech did share those values. But having a commitment to the environment and being able to implement it on a daily basis are two different things. "When your business is fairly clean to begin with, it's trickier knowing how to make a difference," says Soggu.

SilverTech resolved this dilemma by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates. The money paid for the certificates goes toward generating clean energy, like wind power, which gets delivered to the electricity grid in place of energy generated by coal, oil or natural gas, thereby reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

SilverTech has purchased renewable energy certificates to offset 50% of the electricity used at its headquarters, amounting to 280,000 kilowatt hours per year. "This will prevent more than 381,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the earth's atmosphere," says Soggu. "That's equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 144 acres of trees annually or removing 37 cars from the road each year."

The certificates purchased by SilverTech represent a "National Renewable Mix" of clean energies, which may include wind, biomass, geothermal, landfill gas, or solar energy. The certificates are also Green-e certified, which ensures they meet strict environmental and consumer protection standards established by the Center for Resource Solutions.

By purchasing Green-e certified certificates, SilverTech has become a member of the EPA's Green Power Partnership, a voluntary program that seeks to increase the use of clean, renewable energy sources among leading U.S. organizations. In return for purchasing green power that meets EPA benchmarks, partners receive EPA technical assistance and recognition. The Green Power Partnership currently has more than 600 Partners, including Fortune 500 companies, states, federal agencies, trade associations and universities.

"We're committed to supporting renewable energy, and supporting our clients' environmental efforts as well," says Soggu. Proving that while it isn't always easy being green, you can do it if you try.

For more information contact Erin Presseau of SilverTech, 603-669-6600 x31.

About SilverTech Inc.:

SilverTech, Inc. is a New England-based interactive agency that expertly solves online marketing, technology, operations, fundraising, and communication challenges for businesses by creating value-driven web, digital and data-powered solutions. Services such as strategic consultation, site architecture, website design & development, multimedia graphics & animation, search engine optimization, online marketing, performance analysis, web application development and content management solutions are designed or customized to fit exact business requirements.

SilverTech clients include American Water, Capital One, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, The Common Man Family of Restaurants, Life is Good®, Union Leader Corporation, State of New Hampshire, and Pizza Fusion, among many others.


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