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Global Broadcast Customers Cite MAXON CINEMA 4D as Key Ingredient for Success

Global Broadcast Customers Cite MAXON CINEMA 4D as Key Ingredient for Success

Troika Design Group uses MAXON CINEMA 4D to create new graphic identity for the Golf Channel

Newbury Park, CA (PRWEB) April 9, 2008

MAXON Computer, a leading developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, today revealed that creative professionals around the world continue to adopt MAXON’s CINEMA 4D software into their 3D digital content creation workflow to create compelling broadcast motion graphics. Efficiency, cost savings and a significant boost in workflow productivity were cited as the primary benefits for adopting CINEMA 4D into production pipelines. The list of the broadcast industry’s most widely recognized entities featuring 3D graphics created with CINEMA 4D includes The Weather Channel, MTV, CMT, Comedy Central, NBC, FOX, NFL, TRU TV, TNT, TBS, HGTV, MSNBC, ESPN, HBO, CNN, USA Network, National Geographic Channel, Univision, ABC, E!, Telefutura, Al Jazeera, NHK (Japan), NTV (Japan), SAT (Germany), RTL (Germany), and the BBC.

“Today’s broadcast designers working in motion graphics require a reliable, fast and flexible production workflow and are under constant pressure to deliver content that enhances broadcast production value. Our customers’ satisfaction and reliance on CINEMA 4D underscores its ease of integration, quality and stability and validates its value as an essential ingredient for any motion graphics production pipeline,” said Paul Babb, president, MAXON USA. “We’re proud that so many studios and major broadcast entities around the world use CINEMA 4D as their ‘go-to’ motion graphics and animation software and we’re committed to providing them tools to make spectacular projects.”

Prominent MAXON broadcast design customers currently finding success with CINEMA 4D, include:

Network: The Weather Channel

Projects: The 100 Biggest Weather Moments, Epic Conditions, Weather Ventures and Forecast Earth

Broadcast designers for The Weather Channel, cable’s 24-hour weather-related news and information network, use CINEMA 4D on an ongoing basis to help them create all of their 3D projects, including HD show openings, recaps and animations and a multitude of climate related images and weather graphics. Of particular note was the show package for “The 100 Biggest Weather Moments”, a large-scale, all 3D project created using over 200 3D animations including title frames, countdown frames, the opening, bumpers and lower thirds. The design team used CINEMA 4D to create a sweeping landscape, using a camera path that evoked visions of an "earth re-entry" from an orbital perspective. The primarily fantasy-based imagery conveyed a larger-than-life sense of proportion with oversized numbers for the ‘100’ countdown, a top down view of a hurricane and sun rays that resembled Hollywood searchlights.

“The ‘100 Biggest Weather Moments’ was an enormous project requiring the creation of more than 200 3D animations, including titles, frames, the opening, bumpers and the lower thirds. The CINEMA 4D interface is easy to navigate, works seamlessly with Adobe After Effects, and the renders are extremely stable. In fact, I sometimes start a CINEMA 4D render on Friday night, maybe come in on the weekend to check on it, and when I come to work on Monday, it’s completed. It’s never failed me.”

Eddie Terrill, Senior Design Specialist, The Weather Channel

Studio: Troika Design Group

Projects: Golf Channel, NBC Sports ‘Sunday Night Football’ and HGTV™

Troika Design Group, based in Hollywood, California, specializes in design and branding for television networks and shows. Troika designers turn to CINEMA 4D to address nearly every project that comes through their doors to build environments and treatments, model out titles     and logos, and work on effects — and typically handle large 3D project files that must render on a quick turnaround. Most recently Troika created the new graphic identity for the Golf Channel, and has used CINEMA 4D to push the bounds of motion graphics for large-scale packages for FSN’s “FSN Final Score” and NBC Sports’ “Sunday Night Football.” Additionally, the facility also handled the re-branding of the HGTV (Home and Garden Television Network) and NBC Universal’s “Access Hollywood” — all of which were built and animated entirely in CINEMA 4D.

“CINEMA 4D is a unique hybrid of a creative and technical tool, and plays a large role in our production pipeline. We work in a highly collaborative environment where our design teams have varying degrees of animation experience. We find the CINEMA 4D interface to be extremely intuitive and easy to learn, allowing our artists to hit the ground running. Another useful feature is the ability to bundle render files on different Macs in our studio without going through a different render farm. This can be a real time saver. Additionally, the fluid integration between CINEMA 4D and our primary design toolset, Adobe Creative Suite, and the fact that our artists can easily move between design and animation, is invaluable.”

Mark Bohman, Executive Creative Director/Partner, Troika Design Group

Studio: Thirdeye Design Group

Project: NFL Network

Thirdeye Design Group is an award winning post-production creative studio, specializing in broadcast, editorial, and interactive design. The firm’s designers have been using CINEMA 4D for over three years, most recently to create a 3D graphics package in full HD 1080p resolution for the NFL Network – a package that would ultimately need to work with a second graphics package, to be produced at a later date. The designers were faced with creating an extensive list of HD animated elements that were required for each package, making it particularly important that all the 3D elements could be set up in a module way so changes could still be made as needed, while keeping rendering times low.

“CINEMA 4D is the perfect choice to use for all of our 3D work because of its flexibility. We love how CINEMA 4D lets you maintain a high level of artistic flow throughout and still lets you create dynamic, complex environments. You never feel as if you are using a complicated interface. It's extremely robust and lets you mix and match different effects to achieve unique results.”

Alex Di Mella, Creative Director, Thirdeye Design Group

Studio: Red Car Chicago

Project: TMZ TV

Red Car, an editorial and post-production company with offices across the U.S., tapped its Chicago office and the award-winning husband and wife design team, Robert and Melissa von Bjal, to create six promotional advertising spots for the hot online gossip site TMZ – as it transitioned from Internet entity to television show.

"We relied on CINEMA 4D as a key element to blend live action celebrity shots with animation – moving quickly through scenes at a frantic pace – to convey the sense of paparazzi chasing ‘celebrities gone bad’, and for much of the extruded topography and particle effects creation. CINEMA 4D’s overall ease of integration into our workflow and features such as the MoGraph module, including the cloner tool, the 3D type tool, and the image-based displacements capabilities are important features that enhance our motion graphic design work.”

Robert von Bjal, Designer, Red Car Chicago

Studio: design

Project: Academy Awards “80 Years of Oscars” Montage design, a creative marketing firm in Hermosa Beach, Calif., has been using CINEMA 4D as a primary production tool for the past ten years in the creation of film, broadcast, print, video game and Web projects. Their most recent high-profile project in conjunction with Hollywood based-Sweet Spot Productions – the sophisticated graphical treatment for the four-minute “80 Years of Oscars” montage shown during this year’s Academy Awards ceremony – and introduced by Jack Nicholson, was created entirely in CINEMA 4D.

“This was an immensely complex project that required assimilating a massive number of elements in CINEMA 4D, including 4-second redigitized clips reflecting the key moments of all the previous 79 BEST PICTURE winners and all 79 original movie posters. It also required creating a graphical design to identify the film titles and the year the film won an Oscar. With CINEMA 4D we efficiently generated three final 3D render passes for each film that included the typeface for the film titles, a reflective gold frame around each poster and a shiny thin black line around all 79 moving images. CINEMA 4D’s flexibility and its tight integration with After Effects in the final compositing phase allowed us to create a classy look evocative of the prestigious event and output the footage in HD format.”

John De Temple, Designer/Animator/Creative Director, design


CINEMA 4D is a robust 3D animation software application. Its core application contains everything needed to quickly and easily create high-end 3D images and animations. Additional modules provide added functionality and customization to suit a wide array of industries. Modules can be purchased individually or in bundles. CINEMA 4D renders scene files directly to popular editing and compositing applications including After Effects, Final Cut, Shake, Combustion, etc., and is completely cross-platform for Windows and Mac.

About MAXON Computer

MAXON Computer is the developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions. Its award-winning CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D software products have been used extensively in the film, television, science, architecture, engineering and other industries. MAXON has offices in Germany, the U.S., the United Kingdom and Japan. MAXON products are available directly from the Web site and its worldwide reseller channel. For additional information on MAXON, visit:


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