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Geelix Desktop GX Now Available

Geelix Desktop GX Now Available

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 12, 2006 -–

Gridmedia Americas, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Geelix Desktop GX. Geelix Desktop GX, integrated with the Player GX web browser plug-in, provides new, unique and essential desktop features for the new gaming experience sharing service Geelix:

Browsing and adding games

In-game High Definition video/audio recording

Uploading/sharing media content & experiences

Faster searching and browsing

For more information, please visit

Geelix™ -- The best way to browse, play and share gaming experiences!

Geelix is an experimental new approach to browsing, playing and sharing gaming experiences, extending the latest in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Research, hardware-accelerated graphics and streaming video technologies. With Geelix, you can easily browse and play a large amount of game media content, such as trailers, game play, and more.

Learn more about the game; how to play, strategy, tips, etc.

Upload your own gameplays to share with your friends and others

Evaluate which games you want to buy

Or, you can just sit back and watch :)

About Gridmedia Americas, Inc.

Gridmedia Americas, Inc. specializes in graphics, streaming video and rich media solutions for the Web. The company's flagship technology, the GX Platform™, provides the ultimate in high quality, cutting edge, streaming video and rich media playback experiences on the Web. The GX Platform™ is all about creating the best possible User Experiences on the Web.

Gridmedia GX™ provides the best in high quality Entertainment and Broadband User eXperience (UX) software technologies and solutions for the Web, extending the latest in graphics processing and streaming video technologies:

Geelix™ the best way to browse, play and share gaming experiences. With Geelix, you can easily browse and play a large amount of game media content, such as trailers, game play, and more.

Player GX™ provides a new and unique rich media playback experience, for cutting edge, high quality, and hardware accelerated user experiences.

Desktop GX™ provides essential user-side services; downloading/caching High Definition Video (HD), uploading/sharing media content & experiences, faster searching and browsing.

System GX™ the next generation Entertainment Digital Asset Management System (DAM), featuring Hardware Accelerated Graphics Web Interfaces, Shader Effects (DirectX High Level Shader Language), High Definition Video Content for everyone (HD), Media Center Interface, and Desktop GX™ providing essential user-side features for uploading/downloading/sharing media.

Creator GX™ combines all of the latest and most powerful multimedia technologies, such as streaming video, 3D graphics with effects, and vector graphics, into one single and easy to use content creation tool.

The GX Platform™ enables high-quality interactive streaming video experiences for the Web. Hardware accelerated graphics with DirectX provides high performance rendering of unsurpassed 3D and 2D graphics experiences. Tight integration with the popular Windows Media 9 Series format enables seamless navigation in and between streams, audiovisual effects, and Digital Rights management (DRM). With integrated support for scalable content in GX, the Web site may provide downscaled representations for end-users with moderate class computers and slower network connections.

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