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Dallas Tx – AmStar Systems Develops Dual Video Display for Kiosk Advertising

Dallas Tx - AmStar Systems Develops Dual Video Display for Kiosk Advertising

Carrollton, TX (PRWEB) August 18, 2005

AmStar Systems, Inc., a Texas company known for being an innovator, developer, and manufacturer of the unattended multi-function financial kiosk, announces another technological breakthrough.

AmStar has developed a unique process for providing a dual video display capability from a single CPU. This process will enable the AmStar eca$ hier® financial service kiosk to display two different screen contents simultaneously. One screen displays a graphical user interface giving customers access to a multitude of financial products while the second screen provides video streaming of advertising content from a remote advertising web site.

“The uniqueness of this,” explained Robert G. Farris, Sr., President and CEO, “is that AmStar has developed the dual video technique which uses a single computer to serve two different display units. This technique creates constantly streaming advertising data that can be remotely changed on demand.”

The kiosk graphic user interface screen is a 10.4” LCD touch sensitive screen panel with a 640 x 480 resolution integrated into the financial kiosk, while the advertising screen is a 19” LCD screen high resolution display mounted above the AmStar eca$ hier®.

The advertising display is connected to an advertising web site for certain eca$ hiers® with selective rotating advertising content, which is determined by the advertisers requirements. This innovative advertising concept is self-sustaining so that it can be live at all times. However, we anticipated that periodically the communication link will be broken so we searched for a solution to avoid an interruption in the flow of advertising,” continued Farris. “We developed a technique to automatically and seamlessly display the advertising content on the eca$ hier until communication is re-established. The system then automatically reconnects to the remote website to continue the streaming of advertising content.”

In addition to creating more revenues for the kiosk owner, the brightly colored streaming ads will also serve to attract customers to the kiosk where they can become acquainted with the machine and its functionality.


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