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Bad News for Employers: Your Employees are Wasting Your Time and Money on Social Networks

Bad News for Employers: Your Employees are Wasting Your Time and Money on Social Networks

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Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 19, 2010

The Internet has made all our lives easier. We can shop online, pay bills and, most importantly, keep in touch with our friends and family. But our leisure can often come at the expense of our employers.

"Statistics indicate that checking social network profiles at work has become the new coffee or cigarette break," says Pandora Corp. co-founder Jamie Leasure. "But the problem is, it can be done without anyone, especially managers, noticing. It's very easy for an employee to spend many hours each day checking their Facebook page; whereas it would be impossible for them to not be at their desk for extended periods of time."

To help businesses cope with employee Internet abuse, often referred to as "cyberslacking," Pandora Corp., makers of the well-regarded PC Pandora monitoring software, have introduced The Office Software (theOS), a monitoring software tool that will allow employers to dramatically increase employee efficiency.

"Employers have every legal right to monitor employee Internet activity," says Leasure. "And in this economy, companies can't afford lost productivity. They need to ensure that their employees are efficient and their business is running smoothly."

Statistically speaking, an overwhelming majority of both employees and employers feel it is ok to surf non-work-related websites while on the job. The difference of opinion comes when surfing turns into an obsessive distraction.

"There is a difference between quickly replying to a personal email - or checking in with the family through IM - versus spending 15 minutes of every hour checking and updating your Facebook page," notes Leasure.

According to a recent survey, 77% of US workers who have a Facebook account say they check their pages from work; the average amount of time lost to Facebook alone is 40 minutes. That doesn't include other random web surfing and cyberslacking.

Pandora Corp. co-founder Manuel Coats says statistics like those should shock employers to their 'bottom line' core.

"Think about it: for every dozen employees you have that check their Facebook regularly," Coats explains, "you have the equivalent of a full-time employee getting paid to be a social network butterfly."

The Office Software is a multi-functional office productivity tool designed to help managers of small and medium-sized business achieve increased productivity. The program allows managers to monitor and analyze activities performed by employees and the time spent on different work items. It also affords the ability to track computer usage and access an employee's desktop in real-time.

"Managers and business owners need to be able to see how their employees are spending the work day," says Leasure. "Being able to obtain reports of daily activity, and then analyze and compare them is priceless in today's corporate environment."

While the internet has become a commonplace item in our daily lives, it can indeed have negative effects on companies' bottom lines. But employers can reverse those effects.

"With tools like The Office Software," Coats concludes, "you can increase productivity by controlling cyberslacking. Remember, it's not only the time spent on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter that are an issue -- it's also the fact that an employee's concentration and focus are disrupted throughout the day by these sites. If an employee knows they are being monitored, and a manager can tap into any employee's monitor display with the press of a button, cyberslacking is stopped in its tracks and office efficiency and productivity improves."

For more information on The Office Software and to learn how it works, visit

System Requirements: The Office Software requires Windows Vista, Windows XP or above; Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework (available with theOS installer). an Intel or AMD processor running at 1GHz or faster (dual core recommended for Dashboard); 512M RAM for Agent, 1GB RAM for Dashboard; 40MB of HDD space for the installation; 10M - 15M of hard disk space for a typical day of recording; an Internet Connection (dial-up modem, cable modem or DSL) for program registration; Administrative or Power User access rights to install the software. Agent (employee) computers require a LAN connection to the Manager computer.

About Pandora Corp.: Formed in 2005, Pandora Corporation has one goal - to help our customers monitor, control and protect their families, their businesses and themselves online. Pandora Corporation's flagship PC Pandora monitoring software is an essential tool that helps parents keep their children safe from predators and cyberbullies, while shielding them from potentially harmful or mature content. Pandora Recovery is a free data recovery tool that allows users to recovery lost and deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted drives. The newest product, The Office Software (theOS), allows employers to monitor employee computer and internet activity, thereby increasing productivity and protecting company assets.



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