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ARM7/uClinux kit supports Xilinx 200K Gates FPGA – NET-Start! FPGA from WISCORE Inc.

ARM7/uClinux kit supports Xilinx 200K Gates FPGA - NET-Start! FPGA from WISCORE Inc.

(PRWEB) December 31, 2003

NET-Start! FPGA is an evaluation kit with high flexibility, extensibility and cost-effective strength. Adopting Samsung S3C4510B CPU, a popular ARM7TDMI CPU, NET-Start! FPGA is a powerful platform to implement and evaluate ARM architecture.

Furthermore, NET-Start! FPGA pre-installs specially optimized open source uClinux 2.0.38/2.4.19 as its operating system, thus NET-Start! FPGA possesses stable, flexible, and royalty-free characteristics. To save developers’ time, NET-Start! FPGA offers source code and all the software and hardware needed for development.

Having FPGA daughter board plugged, NET-Start! FPGA provides you 200,000 Gates for VHDL programming, enables you huge more flexibilities to implement you project.

The FGPA daughter board includes a JTAG port, a 4-digit 7-segment LED, 8 LEDs, 8 pushbuttons, 8 slide switches, a 20x2 dot matrix LCD module connector, a 16-color VGA connector, an A-type USB (host/client) port, a 16 bits/20bits stereo AD/DA converter, a Dupont connector, a 12MHz oscillator, and 3 clock inputs, Wiscore said.

Wiscore introduced the NET-Start! development kit in 2002. The hardware/software kit includes a single-board computer based on a 50 MHz Samsung S3C4510B (ARM7TDMI) system-on-chip processor and is supplied with uClinux preinstalled, the company said. With a series of extension daughter boards, users could easily extend and develop the application of NET-Start!


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