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Zephyr’s New Audit-Free 3270 Enterprise Licenses End License Compliance Hassles

Zephyr's New Audit-Free 3270 Enterprise Licenses End License Compliance Hassles

Terminal Emulation for Windows 7

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 28, 2010

Banks, insurance companies, state governments and other large IBM 3270 mainframe users stand to gain enormous financial benefits with the Zephyr approach to software licensing.

Zephyr's new Enterprise License Plans include all of the following:

Audit-free, hassle-free licensing ends compliance worries
Enterprise license is best for large mainframe users
Alternative to solutions from other terminal emulation vendors
Free macro conversion
Reuse existing 3270 integration applications as-is
Industry leader in 3270 terminal emulation migration
Large organizations that utilize IBM mainframes, particularly banks, insurance companies and government agencies, can license literally hundreds, even thousands, of software applications, including 3270 terminal emulation. Tracking and managing product licenses within these environments can be an enormous task.

With a Zephyr PASSPORT Enterprise License Plan (ELP), audits are eliminated, as is the need to record and track terminal emulation product licenses on a per CPU basis. Further, any Zephyr PASSPORT product that offers TN3270E or other legacy communications services, can be incorporated into the master license and widely distributed.

This simple but straightforward approach makes license compliance a thing of the past when it comes to 3270, 5250 or UNIX host access.

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3270 is our Business:

Zephyr specializes in 3270 communication, whether from a Windows 7 desktop, XP, Windows 2008 Server, a standard web server or virtual server. If you seek IETF standard TN3270E solutions for Microsoft Windows, Zephyr is the number one supplier to consider.

Founded in 1985, Zephyr is an employee owned company that is debt-free and consistently profitable. The large majority of our revenue recurs annually and the company maintains an almost 100% renewal rate of its products and services. Zephyr maintains offices and distributors in the U.S., UK, Germany, South Africa and throughout Latin America.

Our Client List is Impressive:

Our client portfolio includes large U.S. banks such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Comerica, U.S. Bank and Wachovia, while we also support large U.S. insurance companies such as Liberty Mutual, Nationwide Insurance and Progressive.


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