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Zamasing 1.0 is a Graphical User Interface for the Zope Platform that makes ZOPE Server Management Quicker, Easier and More Effective

Zamasing 1.0 is a Graphical User Interface for the Zope Platform that makes ZOPE Server Management Quicker, Easier and More Effective

Nuremberg, Germany (PRWEB) April 15, 2008

beyond content GmbH has launched its new Zope based product; Zamasing 1.0, designed to replace the classic Zope 2 management interface (ZMI) with a modern, graphical user interface. Zamasing makes Zope management quicker, easier and more effective by reducing the number of clicks required to achieve everyday tasks, while reducing bandwidth usage and server CPU load. The German based company has developed a highly AJAX driven advanced user interface which significantly improves productivity for all tasks applied through-the-web (TTW). Zamasing also provides a range of brand new features to simplify and further enhance Zope management.

Zamasing 1.0 uses an innovative Web 2.0 interface to update and enhance the classic Zope 2 management interface (ZMI, see The goal of the beyond content team was to develop a Zope GUI that behaves like a desktop application, with all important functions within easy reach at all times. The Zamasing GUI has an enhanced navigation with interactive context menus, resulting in an intuitive, responsive and easy to work with working experience.

"Zamasing 1.0 is the result of over 10 years of experience in the field with Zope and dynamic web technologies," said Jörn Paessler, founder and CEO of beyond content. "Our everyday work with the classic Zope 2 management interface showed us the need for a new approach to Zope management, and helped us create a modern user interface that raises the productivity for all Zope users."

Work more efficiently and reduce development time:

Zamasing 1.0 places all important and commonly-used action buttons at the top of each page so that they are visible at all times, instead of showing them at the bottom of the page like the classic ZMI interface. This significantly reduces the amount of clicking and scrolling required, especially if the user's work involves copying, pasting and renaming. Another bonus for productivity lies in the Zamasing screen, which is split into two main sections: the explore pane and the main content area. This offers two paths to navigate through the structure of a Zope application.

Just like a modern IDE (integrated development environment), Zamasing offers important features to significantly reduce the development time, while helping users generate results of a higher quality in less time. Syntax highlighting of source code for CSS, Javascript, HTML, Python and DTML is also supported, as is code completion for CSS, Javascript, DTML and Python. This further speeds up the coding of style sheets and markup code. Zamasing also provides fully-featured import and export options to exchange any valid Zope object with the directory structure of Zamasing with just one click.

A fast, responsive and adaptable interface:

Through the use of innovative AJAX technology, Zamasing significantly reduces the load time for interacting with the web server, as only the parts of a page that have been changed are requested from the server. The user can continue to interact with the GUI without unnecessary delays while data is processed in the background. The result is an extremely fast, real-time interaction.

Adapting the system to the user's requirements is also very easy, thanks to Zamasing's included plug-in mechanism. To override Zamasings's default behavior, the user simply implements one of the functions defined in the Zamasing installation's library.

Pricing and availability:

Zamasing is priced at EUR 238.00. Further information and a free 30-day trail download are available from

About beyond content:

beyond content GmbH is based in Nuremberg, Germany, and has established a reputation for intuitive, technically sophisticated web solutions for more than five years. The company provides consulting, hosting and professional services for easy-to-manage web sites based on the Zope application server, and supports its customers through all aspects of their website's life cycle: concept, design, programming and hosting. The company also provides consultation and support for implementation, expansion, administration and programming of Zope based applications.


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