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XEMICS’ Versatile Single Chip Solution for Medical and Metering Applications

XEMICS’ Versatile Single Chip Solution for Medical and Metering Applications

(PRWEB) June 1, 2004

Build medical and metering applications, using the world’s most versatile single chip acquisition chain with ZoomingADC™, 120 segments LCD driver and communication interface.

Ultra low-power, miniature solutions, based on the XE88LC02 from XEMICS need a minimal number of external parts, lowering bill of material costs.

The ZoomingADC™ (programmable gain/offset amplifier, high resolution ADC) has 4 differential or 7 pseudo differential inputs. It can apply a gain of 1000 to the sensing element’s signal while rejecting its offset, and then convert the resulting signal with a resolution of 16 bits. The XE88LC02 can be directly connected to any type of resistive sensor, and benefits from simplified calibration.

Embedded processing ensures that this low power chip can do it all. This eliminates size and current consumption problems for manufacturers. “With the XE88LC02, a single chip can be the whole electronics of a medical monitor or of an industrial weight scale. The advanced LCD driver with voltage regulation ensures the display is easy to read, even in low light and under difficult power supply conditions,” said Michel Chevroulet, Product Line Manager at XEMICS.

Integrated MTP Flash memory with 100 years retention at 55°C, UART, SPI, numerous IO, 120 segment LCD driver and the embedded RISC CPU make it possible to realize a large variety of filtering and data processing functions.

Thanks to its large instruction word, the CPU core executes any instruction in one single clock cycle. Large instruction word is a concept where the instructions are coded on large words (22 bits in this case) instead of 8 or 16 bits. It has the advantage of putting the instruction itself (MOVE or CALL or ADD, etc.) and the address of the source and of the destination, on a single instruction word that is loaded in a single clock cycle.

This programmable 16 + 10 bits Data Acquisition System-On-Chip uses less than 2uA in real time clock mode and a typical 300 uA/MIPS in sustained computing mode. All peripherals have sleep modes. The ZoomingADC™ requires only 200uA for a 12bit 4kHz or a 16bit 1kHz data conversion. The SoC operates at 2.4V to 5.5V.

Examples of applications that would benefit from the XE88LC02 include water, gas and heat meters, vital sign monitoring and industrial sensors. The XE88LC02 programmable version is available from $ 5 in large volume in LQFP100, and from $ 2.90 in bare die for the ROM version. Software examples and design tools are available from


XEMICS is a privately owned fabless semiconductor company with headquarters in Switzerland and a worldwide sales and customer support network. XEMICS delivers a range of advanced short-range, customized and standard, wireless connectivity solutions to a global customer base. XEMICS is a leading designer and provider of Wireless RF transceivers and Bluetooth™ applications, data acquisition, communication products, CODEC's and GPS receivers. With a focus on high-quality low cost solutions XEMICS provides a combination of ultra-low power technology and innovative IC design.

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