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Tibbo Launches EM1202 — Miniature Basic-Programmable Module And RJ1202 Companion Connector

Tibbo Launches EM1202 -- Miniature Basic-Programmable Module And RJ1202 Companion Connector

Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) November 14, 2007

Further continuing along the path of offering simple solutions for the complex world of embedded networking, Tibbo Technology Inc. has announced an EM1202 miniature BASIC-programmable Embedded Module. Measuring only 17 x 19 x 14.6 mm, the EM1202 fits in the tightest of board spaces. The stacked PCB design of the module significantly reduces the footprint of the device while preserving most of the functionality found in the EM1202's larger counterpart - the EM1000.

The EM1202 is equally suited to work as a network communications coprocessor and as a central building block of a Customer's device. Examples of such devices include data collection terminals, access control panels, safety monitoring equipment, and industrial control systems.

When connected to the main CPU of the device, the EM1202 gives it a rich set of networking functionality that can include browser-based configuration, direct UDP and TCP communications, email messaging, etc. Alternatively, the EM1202 can replace the main CPU altogether. The module has abundant and versatile I/O resources -- serial ports, sensors, relays, card readers, and other devices can all be connected to the EM1202 directly and with no (or minimal) glue circuitry.

The RJ1202 Companion Connector complements the EM1202 by offering a full Ethernet front-end complete with RJ45 socket, standard magnetics, and 4 status LEDs. Together, the EM1202 and RJ1202 occupy only 32.5 x 19 mm of board space. The EM1202 can also be used with any other standard magnetics and RJ45 jack as well.

All of this hardware goodness would mean nothing without a convenient programming environment - and this is where Tibbo products really shine! The EM1202 is programmed in Tibbo BASIC (event-driven variety of traditional BASIC). A single PC application - Tibbo IDE - is used for code editing and cross-debugging which doesn't require any additional hardware (such as an ICE machine).

"The launch of the EM1202 allows our OEM Customers to implement intelligent embedded networking in the smallest of devices " said Dmitry Slepov, Managing Director and one of the Founders of Tibbo Technology. "With the increasing popularity of our flagship BASIC-programmable product - the EM1000 - we wanted to offer our Customers a miniaturized version of the EM1000 that would still provide most of its functionality. We believe that we have achieved this with the EM1202".

More information on the EM1202 and RJ1202 can be found here:

More information on the Tibbo BASIC and Tibbo IDE can be found here:

About Tibbo

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, Tibbo Technology Inc. brings simplicity to the embedded world defined by enormous complexity of operating systems, programming languages, and design tools. Established in 1999, Tibbo originally staked out a niche in the highly competitive Device Server market. Being a young and agile company, Tibbo has realized early on that its customers were going to need much more than just a fixed-function serial-to-Ethernet converter. Moreover, market pressure to add network functionality to an increasing number of devices and systems was going to bring to the "networking table" a large number of developers and integrators with no prior experience in embedded networking and professional programming languages, such as C++.

Recognizing the significance of this trend, Tibbo has entered the field of rapid embedded application development, and in January 2006 announced its first generation of BASIC-programmable devices and development tools. Now in their second generation, Tibbo's BASIC-programmable modules, external devices, and Tibbo IDE software offer an attractive alternative to complex development environments prevailing on the market today.

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