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Technical Hiring Made Easy with Real World Pre-Employment Tests

Technical Hiring Made Easy with Real World Pre-Employment Tests

No More Multiple Choice Tests

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) April 14, 2010

Practical Tech Test is pleased to announce the launch of its comprehensive Windows Systems Administration and Linux Systems Administration tests to help technical recruiters and Human Resources departments make more informed hiring decisions when evaluating candidates. Practical Tech Test creates and administers hands-on tests to assess the technical skills of job candidates and verify whether the actual skills of the candidates match the skills claimed on their resumes. Once candidates have completed a test, Practical Tech Test generates a detailed report comparing the candidate with the other candidates being interviewed for the job, as well as with candidates from all over the nation who have taken the test for a similar job.

“All of us at Practical Tech Test are delighted to launch our Windows and Linux testing service. We feel that this service will significantly improve the hiring process for technical recruiters and HR departments who often can’t verify whether candidates actually possess the Windows and Linux qualifications and certifications listed on their resumes. Our service fills a major void in the industry by providing objective evaluations of the practical skills of candidates applying for Windows and Linux Systems Administration positions, a much better measure of a candidate’s true value than the theory-based evaluations that traditional tests and certifications offer,” stated Josh Campbell, Co-Founder of Practical Tech Test.

Practical Tech Test’s services are perfect for HR departments and technical recruiters who would like to test the abilities of their candidates beyond the traditional resume and interview process. Practical Tech Test’s team of accomplished IT professionals, creates real-world test scenarios and technical problems to be completed on computers by candidates within a two-hour period, all of which is delivered over the web. Tests can be customized to simulate the actual technical configurations of the hiring companies, and the same test can be administered to multiple candidates to allow benchmarking. The result is that technical recruiters and HR professionals can evaluate how candidates perform in real-world situations under specific deadlines - candidates who may look equally qualified on paper may now be ranked according to their actual practical abilities.

About Practical Tech Test, Inc.

Practical Tech Test enables HR departments and technical recruiters to measure the ability of IT professionals and potential job candidates to perform real-world technical tasks and problem-solving. Practical Tech Test currently offers Junior Level, Mid Level, and Senior Level tests for both Windows and Linux Systems Administration positions, with additional areas and levels of expertise to follow shortly. Practical Tech Test was founded in 2009 in Cambridge, MA, and employs experienced IT professionals to build its real-world scenarios and evaluate the results. Tests can be performed remotely in an office location, an HR department, an outside recruiter’s office, a job fair or an on-campus location – virtually anywhere. The tests are two hours long and randomized to be unique each time to prevent manipulation (unless identical tests for multiple candidates are requested to allow benchmarking). Results are reviewed and delivered within 24 hours to help recruiters and HR professionals make informed hiring decisions quickly. To learn more, please visit


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