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SpyZooka Warns Computer Owners of Total PC Defender Scam

SpyZooka Warns Computer Owners of Total PC Defender Scam


Sequim, WA (Vocus) March 18, 2010

If you have a computer that suddenly shows windows filled with warnings of security problems and the urgent need to buy an antispyware program, it may be a scam. Carl Haugen, President of BluePenguin Software says, “Total PC Defender mimics actual spyware programs showing a computer user fake security warnings that can scare a user into thinking the computer is infected and tricking the user into purchasing a full version of the software program. This program is a fake and does not show real security warnings or real scan results, nor does it remove viruses from computers.”

Rogue software programs like Total PC Defender may accidentally be downloaded through fake URLs that pop up at the top of search engine results, redirecting you to another page. There will most likely be a ‘Click to fix’ button, prompting you to give money, which ends up being an illegitimate company selling a product that is not protecting your computer.

“Once installed, the only way to remove Total PC Defender is to reformat your hard drive or use a legitimate antispyware program like SpyZooka to remove it,” says Haugen. “SpyZooka is a legitimate antispyware program that will detect and protect your computer from such infections.”

Contact: Carl D. Haugen III, CdO, HsD

?Company: BluePenguin Software, Inc?


Phone: 561-459-5393


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