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Remote Backup Systems’ Remote Backup Software Makes Data Earthquake-Proof

Remote Backup Systems' Remote Backup Software Makes Data Earthquake-Proof

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) June 20, 2005

Recent earthquake activity along several of the nation’s major fault lines clearly illustrates the need for sending backups of valuable computer data offsite. Earthquakes can destroy backup tapes along with the computers that generated the data if both are kept in the same location, as most are. Businesses of all types and sizes are benefiting from the redundancy, automation, and security that a remote backup service provides.

Earthquakes can force computer users to evacuate offices without notice - leaving computers and backup tapes behind and making it impossible to do business, sometimes for days or weeks.

"People are playing Russian roulette with their business data," said Tommy Gardner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Remote Backup Systems Inc. "Many companies, especially those in the small-and-medium business sector, don't realize that they are at such a high risk for data loss.” Gardner continued, “The loss of critical data stores can quickly put these companies out of business, so backing up computer data to an off-site location is now as essential as locking your doors at night."

Gardner recommends regularly moving copies of business-critical data offsite to secure storage facilities. RBS' RBackup Remote Backup software enables IT and computer service companies to automatically back up their client’s computers via the internet or other network connections. Instead of backing up to tape drives or CDs, both which require manual configuration and transportation, RBackup runs automatically, usually at night after a business is closed. Data backed up to a remote location can be recovered even if the computer that created it is completely destroyed.

About Remote Backup Systems, Inc.:

Remote Backup Systems, Inc. is the global leader in the distribution of Client and Server software to rapidly deploy a high reliability, high security Internet-based online backup service, and a robust range of support services including national customer referrals. CEO Rob Cosgrove founded RBS in 1987. In 1989 RBS designed the world's first online backup software for microcomputers, which has been available to the public since 1991. With thousands of remote backup servers running in 64 countries, RBS founded the online data backup industry and leads the market with experience, innovation, and support.

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